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About BeActive

The BeActive Brace is a new product that claims to utilize targeted under-knee acupressure to instantly relieve your sciatica and other back-related pain, and to help you be active and to live pain-free once again. You’re here right now because most likely you’re in pain. However, the main question here is whether or not a single pressure point can effectively relieve sciatica or other back-related pain, or if it actually requires several pressure points.

We’ll answer this question in the next section, as well as whether or not BeActive Brace’s manufacturer is simply trying to take advantage of your pain, or if it actually work as well as it claims. For now, it seems that most HighYa readers have been displeased with their experiences, which we’ll also discuss in a moment.

But first, in order to address all of your questions, let’s take a look at what sciatica is, how the BeActive Brace claims to help, and if it’s any different than other braces you may have tried in the past. Then, we’ll see how well these claims hold up against real life science.

What is Sciatica & How Does BeActive Brace Claim to Help?

As we mentioned in our article Winning the Battle Against Sciatica & Chronic Back Pain, sciatica is a condition that’s typically caused by a displaced disc in your spine, which puts pressure on your sciatic nerve. This is the longest nerve in your body, which radiates from your lower back down through your buttocks and legs. Once this occurs, you may experience moderate to severe pain, tingling, numbness, and inflammation in your back or legs.

With this in mind, the BeActive Brace claims to help instantly relieve sciatica pain by applying acupressure just below your knee, which then radiates up your sciatic nerve into your back. BeActive Brace’s manufacturer claims that the device works regardless of your level of pain, and that it’s discreet enough to be worn under your clothing, yet comfortable enough for all-day wear; even when sleeping. And you can receive all of this for just .89 for the standard version, and .89 for the Premium version. (Important note: The BeActive Brace is also currently sold at Target for .99.)

However, it’s important to keep in mind that there is currently no clinical evidence showing that acupressure on your calf can have any measurable effect on sciatica-related pain. Because of this (as well as several other important reasons), it appears that HighYa readers have given the BeActive Brace an overall rating of 2 stars. Let’s take a close look at their main concerns.

HighYa Readers Chime in on the BeActive Brace

Since writing our original review, more than 130 HighYa readers have taken the time to write a review about the product, which overall, seems to have a less-than-stellar rating. But why? Here are the 3 main reasons:

The BeActive Brace Doesn’t Work As Advertised (Or at All)

As we mentioned above, there is no evidence that below-the-knee acupressure can relieve sciatica, primarily because the pain generates from a compressed disc in your lower back—not your leg. As such, the number one customer complaint for the BeActive Brace is that it doesn’t work to relieve pain. In fact, one HighYa reviewer claimed that it actually made their pain worse. On top of this, the directions included with the BeActive Brace appear to be vague, and to not provide adequate information on correct positioning.


One reviewer even took the BeActive Brace to their physician, who proceeded to call it a scam, and mentioned that “there's no science in the manufacturing of them, just like those magnetic bracelets claimed to cure pain.” To support this assertion, according to a chiropractor consulted during our research, one single pressure point won’t clear up sciatica. In fact, while acupressure has been shown to help some individuals achieve relief from their sciatica, the process entails repeated movements over several areas of the body—not just one point of pressure, and not below the knee.

Ordering Process

Several HighYa reviewers claimed that their BeActive Brace orders totaled twice (or more) the original amount, which is primarily due to confusion on the website’s ordering screen. As such, keep in mind that when you place an order for 1 set, this means you’ll be receiving 2 braces. So, if you want 2 braces and order 2 sets, this actually means you’ll receive a total of 4 BeActive Braces.

Other reader complaints revolve around high shipping and handling fees (a common trait among many “As Seen on TV” products), as well as long shipping times, often lasting 6 weeks or more. We’ll talk more about this in the Bottom Line section.

Poor Customer Service

Finally, based on HighYa reviewer feedback, another common complaint revolves around poor customer service. This includes difficulty placing orders over the phone, difficulty reaching a live person (e.g. very long hold times and only automated systems)—and when you do, the staff appears to be rude and unresponsive to questions—frequent hang ups during calls, and invalid customer service emails.

Should You Purchase the BeActive Brace for Your Sciatica?

However bad your sciatica pain may be, the good news is that it’s often a temporary condition, and will generally resolve itself within a matter of days or weeks, which can be improved further by undergoing core-strengthening exercises. In fact, just being active (no pun intended) in general will help speed up your recovery, as recommended by the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke: “Exercise may be the most effective way to speed recovery from low back pain and help strengthen back and abdominal muscles. Maintaining and building muscle strength is particularly important for persons with skeletal irregularities. Doctors and physical therapists can provide a list of gentle exercises that help keep muscles moving and speed the recovery process.” The NINDS also recommends hot and cold compresses, no more than 1-2 days of bed rest (any more than this can actually make the situation worse), and over the counter pain medications such as ibuprofen. endorses many of these same treatments as well.

However, if core-strengthening exercises don’t work, your next option will likely be physical therapy. From there, should your sciatica pain continue, your doctor may recommend surgery, depending on your specific condition.

But what if you suffer from ongoing sciatica or other types of chronic back pain, and want to avoid surgery? Should you give the BeActive Brace a try? Considering the lack of clinical evidence showing its efficacy, as well as hundreds of complaints of it not working as advertised and of poor customer service, you’ll definitely want to speak with your physician about more effective methods of getting rid of you sciatica and other back-related pain.

However, if you do decide to buy the BeActive Brace, keep in mind that it’s available at several local retailers, such as Target and Bed Bath & Beyond. This way, you’ll be able to find out whether or not BeActive Brace works for you, while avoiding high shipping and handling charges and poor customer service.

Bottom line: Will the BeActive Brace provide you with pain relief?

If you’ve tried braces similar to BeActive in the past without any pain relief, there doesn’t appear to be anything special about the product that would lead us to believe it would work as an alternative. Instead, consult with your physician about exercises and other natural methods that can be used to improve pain associated with your sciatica.



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