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Baby Games

Baby Hazel FuntimeBaby Hazel Funtime

Baby Hazel only has one thing on her mind. And that's having fun. But before she starts the fun train, she's got to take care of some business. Babies are typically pretty stinky, and there's al...

Snow White Baby BathSnow White Baby Bath

Once upon a time, a beautiful baby with skin as white as winter's snow and hair black as ebony was born to a royal family. Can you guess who it is?... That's right, it's Snow White! It's time for y...

Baby Barbie Princess FashionBaby Barbie Princess Fashion

Baby Barbie wants to be a precious princess. She has been dreaming about this moment for a long time and she is very excited about it. To become a true royal princess she will need two specific dre...

Baby Hazel Goes SickBaby Hazel Goes Sick

Today Baby Hazel got sick. She has a bit of cough and she hurt her arm while playing with her big sister. Now she needs you to take care of her! Give her your warmest hug and sweet little kisses! ...

Baby Hazel Gingerbread HouseBaby Hazel Gingerbread House

Baby Hazel wants to renovate her gingerbread house for the Christmas season, she is really interested in maybe installing an outdoor pool and candy cane men to make sure that it all runs smoothly. ...

Baby Elsa Butterfly Face ArtBaby Elsa Butterfly Face Art

Baby Elsa is such a restless inventor! Today she decided to celebrate a butterfly holiday. So, all the preparations are ready and now it�??s time for the most fun part - face art! Help Baby Elsa to...

Elsa Baby BirthElsa Baby Birth

Elsa's daughter has always wanted to have brother or sister. And now her dreams are coming true - it's time for Elsa to give birth! Let's go to the hospital and help Elsa with bearing a child and t...

Baby Hazel Flower GirlBaby Hazel Flower Girl

Baby Hazel has just received a very special invitation from her aunt, Lisa. She has been asked to be the flower girl for her wedding, and Baby Hazel couldn't be more excited. Now she needs to go ...

Baby Hazel Dental CareBaby Hazel Dental Care

Baby Hazel's mom has a busy day planned at work today and hired you to babysit her darling baby girl in her absence. There are few things more adorable than watching this sweet little girl play wi...

Baby CaringBaby Caring

Time to play baby sitter! Hazel needs your help, she's out for the day and its up to you to take care of her cute son or daughter. Its a big responsibility but a fun job!

Baby Hazel Swimming TimeBaby Hazel Swimming Time

Baby hazel wants to learn how to swim. Help this cutie to learn how to swim in this fabulous baby hazel swimming game.

Baby Barbie Throat DoctorBaby Barbie Throat Doctor

Awww our poor Baby Barbie has pain in her throat. Can you help her to get better?

Baby Hazel Tree HouseBaby Hazel Tree House

Baby Hazel's ball is lost in the Tree House. Can you help her in finding the lost ball? Go along with Hazel inside the house and enjoy exploring its 3 rooms filled with a lot of surprise and activi...

Baby Hazel Preschool PicnicBaby Hazel Preschool Picnic

Help Baby Hazel in packing her picnic bag with essential stuff and some eatables also. Join Hazel to play games and pranks on the way to water park. Spend great time with little princess while tril...

Baby Barbie Shopping SpreeBaby Barbie Shopping Spree

Baby Barbie is a true fashionista. She loves amazing fashion trends with bright colors and glitzy details, fit for a stylish baby girl. Baby Barbie enjoys great accessories, especially hair bands a...

Baby Hazel School HygieneBaby Hazel School Hygiene

For a healthy living, hygiene care is very important. So, mom teaches baby Hazel healthy habits to maintain personal hygiene. At the same time, she reads about the school inspection day in the cale...

Baby Hazel In PreschoolBaby Hazel In Preschool

Today is Baby Hazel's first day of preschool. This playful baby girl is very excited to start school so that she can meet and then play with new friends. But Baby Hazel is feeling nervous about h...

Baby Hazel FairylandBaby Hazel FairylandHot Game

Baby Hazel goes to fairyland, join her in het adventure now!

Baby Hazel Craft TimeBaby Hazel Craft Time

Baby Hazel`s festive holidays are almost over; however she is yet to complete her crafts assignment. This is the right time for our little angle to show off her creativity. As she is too young to d...

Mommy Home DecorationMommy Home Decoration

The beautiful mommy needs your help today! Are you ready to show off your decorating skills? Join her and let's start with her bedroom. Pick the prettiest furniture and decorations. Make sure the r...

Rapunzel Maternity DoctorRapunzel Maternity Doctor

Rapunzel is a beautiful mommy to be,and today is her delivery date.She will go to the maternity for a quick check up and then the doctor will help her deliver her first baby and take care of the ne...

Baby Hazel Dining MannersBaby Hazel Dining Manners

It`s time for Baby Hazel to learn about Dining manners. Help Baby Hazel in learning the Dining etiquettes and make mom feel proud of her. First of all, make the dining space pleasant by helping Bab...

Barbie Breast FeedingBarbie Breast Feeding

Barbie and Ken have discovered that being parents is not only joy and pleasure, but also a lot of anxiety and hard work. Barbie has to wake up in the middle of the night to breastfeed her baby, and...

Baby Hazel PlaydateBaby Hazel Playdate

Baby Hazel is spending the day with Baby Jake from down the street. Both babies are around the same age, so they are going to school together pretty soon. Without a friend to go to during the pla...

Baby Barbie PJ PartyBaby Barbie PJ Party

Can you help Baby Barbie to set up this PJ party?

New Mommy MakeoverNew Mommy Makeover

Her first child will be born into a world of fashion and fun! Join this mother to be as she redesigns herself in plenty of designer duds and pregnant friendly styles.

Elsa's Secret PregnancyElsa's Secret Pregnancy

Help Elsa prepare for becoming a mom, helping her pack for hospital, deliver the baby and care for it. Finally dress Elsa up for the grand baby reveal, at the palace.

Baby Hazel Bed TimeBaby Hazel Bed Time

It is Baby Hazel's bed time routine! First thing before sleeping is hygiene care. Brush her teeth and give her a shower. Then you need to make a bed for her. Tell her favorite bed time story until...

Baby Hazel Brushing TimeBaby Hazel Brushing Time

Good morning! You need to Wake up baby Hazel and convince her to brush. Pick up the tools required for brushing, tongue cleaning, gum massaging and washing face. Help Baby Hazel to complete all bru...

Baby Hazel Skin CareBaby Hazel Skin Care

Baby Hazel loves playing out in the snow! Keep Baby Hazel happy throughout to earn more points! Make sure she is fed, clothed and content with plenty of exercise, play time, and hugs!

Three Kids Cesarian BirthThree Kids Cesarian Birth

Barbara and Mike are going to become parents. WOW! Barbara is pregnant with three babies! No way she can give them birth by herself. So doctor decided to make a cesarian birth. And he needs your as...

Baby Hazel Halloween PartyBaby Hazel Halloween Party

Baby Hazel and her friends are very excited for the Halloween season. They love to see all of the jack-o-lanterns and cobweb decorations all over the neighborhood. Baby Hazel is fearless when it ...

Baby Hazel Fashion StarBaby Hazel Fashion Star

Baby Hazel turns into a stylish fashion star! Assist Hazel to flaunt her style and give amazing poses for her ad shoot and photo shoot. Little princess is invited for Cine awards. Can you help her ...

Baby Barbie Skateboard AccidentBaby Barbie Skateboard Accident

Oh no, baby barbie got hurt. Can you take care of her?

Baby Hazel Hand FractureBaby Hazel Hand Fracture

Baby Hazel is such a cute, but clumsy baby. During drawing she totally fractured her hand and it hurts so badly. Now she needs to go and see a doctor, can you help Baby Hazel?

Baby Hazel Cleaning TimeBaby Hazel Cleaning TimeHot Game

Baby Hazel's mother is working hard to clean up the house after a family get-together. But Baby Hazel can't stand seeing her mom clean up this mess all by herself. That's why this darling baby gi...

Prank the Nanny: Baby Ice QueenPrank the Nanny: Baby Ice Queen

Audrey continues her babysitting adventures with yet another adorable little girl. But it looks like it won't be so easy! See all the amusing ways in which the little future Ice Queen wants to pran...

Baby Hazel Backyard PartyBaby Hazel Backyard Party

Sunday is Baby Hazel's favorite day to spend some time catching up on all of her favorite television shows. It's also her favorite day to invite her friends over for a fun backyard party. Enjoy s...

Baby Hazel Ice PrincessBaby Hazel Ice PrincessHot Game

Baby Hazel wants to dress up in a princess style for the party at Ice Castle. But she gets confused with her wardrobe collection as it is huge. Select an elegant party costume and stone studded jew...

Ice Queen Baby BathIce Queen Baby Bath

The future Ice Queen is a spoiled little princess with big dreams and magic in her hands. She loves to play in the castle and run through the ballrooms all day but she needs to be clean and perfect...

Baby Barbie DIY GiftBaby Barbie DIY Gift

Help the baby girl prep her special and unique present starting with the DIY painted mug. For this fun craft session you need a simple white mug. Clean it well with a piece of cloth and apply glue ...

Baby Hazel Spa MakeoverBaby Hazel Spa Makeover

Baby Hazel is ready for a makeover! Let's give her a facial and a nice new haircut!

Baby Hazel Newborn BabyBaby Hazel Newborn Baby

Baby Hazel is getting a new baby brother named Matt! She wants all of her friends to see her adorable new baby! Hazel has been learning all about the world for a while now, and she's prepared to ...

Baby Hazel Sibling CareBaby Hazel Sibling Care

Baby Hazel is very much affectionate towards her little brother Matt. As mom is busy with cooking, so Hazel has to look after Matt and attend all his needs. Help little princess in taking care of h...

Baby Hazel Family PicnicBaby Hazel Family Picnic

It's time for Baby Hazel to go for a picnic with her beloved family. But picnic basket is not yet packed. Can you help Hazel to pack all the stuff required for picnicking as mom is busy feeding Mat...

Baby Hazel Royal BathBaby Hazel Royal BathHot Game

Baby Hazel hasn't been getting as much attention as she's used to now that her brother, Baby Matt, is around. As a result, darling Baby Hazel is feeling a bit lonely. She could really use some at...

Baby Hazel Helping TimeBaby Hazel Helping TimeHot Game

It's Baby hazel helping time! Baby Hazel will do anything she can to help people in this cute baby game.

Baby Hazel Birthday SurpriseBaby Hazel Birthday Surprise

Can you help Baby hazel to organise a birthday surprise party?

Baby Hazel Leg InjuryBaby Hazel Leg Injury

Baby Hazel is spending the day having fun playing with her precious pet puppy, Bruno, while her mother is busy gardening. But, while her mother's back was turned, Bruno excitedly chased after some...

Baby Hazel Learns VehiclesBaby Hazel Learns Vehicles

Baby Hazel is getting ready for school, but it seems that the bus is running late. She'll have to keep herself busy so that she doesn't get bored, so grab her a coloring book and some crayons so t...

Baby Hazel Mischief TimeBaby Hazel Mischief Time

It's nap time, and Baby Hazel's mother is leaving the house so that she can shop for groceries. Before she leaves, she'll put Baby Hazel to bed so that she doesn't cause any trouble in her mother'...

Baby Hazel At BeachBaby Hazel At BeachHot Game

It is a bright summer day. Baby Hazel wants to chill on the beach. She is dreaming of lying under the sun, playing beach games and making sand castles. First help Baby Hazel pack her bags. Collect ...

Baby Barbie Builds a TreehouseBaby Barbie Builds a Treehouse

Baby Barbie loves to have fun with her friends. They have a great idea for summer time. They will build a secret treehouse with lots of fun colors, where they can spend time and play with dolls. He...

Barbara Gives a Birth to Six KidsBarbara Gives a Birth to Six Kids

Can you help Sofia get her babies?

Dotted Girl Toddler FeedDotted Girl Toddler Feed

Learn how Dotted Girl keeps her toddler happy while getting breakfast! Warm up the milk and mix in the cereals, then it's fun time! Keep the little one happy with toys and warm kisses until she fin...

Messy Baby Room EscapeMessy Baby Room Escape

Escape from Messy Baby Room by finding all the clues and objects carefully hidden in room. Match all the objects, find the correctly combinations and solve the puzzles with the clues.

Baby Hazel Winter FashionBaby Hazel Winter FashionHot Game

Baby Hazel needs to get herself ready for winter! Can you help her?

Baby Hazel Skin TroubleBaby Hazel Skin Trouble

Baby Hazel is beginning to experience some new things now that she's growing up. She just got her first zit, and she's not really sure what to do to make the swollen pimple go away. Baby Hazel co...

Cute Baby NurseryCute Baby Nursery

Pay attention! This beautiful bundle of joy needs you to change, feed and play with her. As you get better at your job more babies will be added to your care.

Moana Baby Shower CareMoana Baby Shower Care

Have fun in one of the cutest caring games ever and make sure baby Moana is taken care of. Take a warm bath and give the little one her toys so she doesn't get bored while you wash her hair. Now th...

My Newborn TwinsMy Newborn Twins

Become a mom and care for your baby twins with this caring game!

Let's Take Care of the BabyLet's Take Care of the Baby

Let's take care of the baby! Wash this little cutie and dress him up in cute outfits!

Baby Hazel Fancy DressBaby Hazel Fancy DressHot Game

Baby Hazel is very excited to participate in a fancy dress competition. She wants to dress up in a colourful peacock costume. Can you help Baby Hazel with buying the right items and

Elsa playing with baby AnnaElsa playing with baby Anna

Join in on the fun in this Elsa and Anna playing game where you will get to do lots of fun activities with Anna, while trying not to get caught by Elsa as she does not like it when you play with he...

Baby Barbie Stomach SurgeryBaby Barbie Stomach Surgery

Take baby Barbie to the hospital. Be the doctor on duty and perform a series of blood analysis and health tests on your cute patient.

Princesses Baby Room DecorPrincesses Baby Room Decor

Our baby princesses wants to decorate their sister baby bedroom. Start by changing the floor color, room walls color and decorate the bedroom with some nice furniture. After you finish the bedroom ...

Baby Hazel Science FairBaby Hazel Science Fair

Enjoy exploring a few interesting scientific experiments with Baby Hazel and her friends. They are excited about their presentation at Preschool Science Fair. Darling Hazel needs help in designing ...

Baby Hazel Granny HouseBaby Hazel Granny House

Baby Hazel loves to spend time with her favorite Grandma. Every weekend, Baby Hazel visits her grandmother to enjoy lunch and a movie. Baby Hazel has invited you to tag along and spend the day wi...

Nicole's Mommy ChallengeNicole's Mommy Challenge

Up for a challenge? Can you keep this baby happy?

Baby Hazel Learns ColorsBaby Hazel Learns ColorsHot Game

Baby Hazel is back! This time it's time for Baby Hazel to learn about colours. She just a new doll and needs to come up with a cute outfit for it, can you help Baby Hazel?

Sweet Baby BedroomSweet Baby Bedroom

This beautiful princess need some help to decorate her bedroom.She need you decorating skills to make her room look great. Do you think you can help her?Have fun!

Baby BumpBaby Bump

Baby on the way means a whole new wardrobe! Show off that bump in style with empire waist and scramble print leggings! Get colorful and have fun for nine months of new fashion adventures!

Baby Hazel Thanksgiving DayBaby Hazel Thanksgiving Day

Baby Hazel loves to celebrate Thanksgiving with her family by enjoying a delicious feast. But before she can help her parents make dinner, she'll need to do her chores and help prepare the house f...

Inside Out: Baby RileyInside Out: Baby Riley

Take care of Inside Out's star of the show; Riley!

Give A Birth To Your DaughterGive A Birth To Your Daughter

Today you woke up and felt yourself a little bit dizzy. So, you desided to go to the hospital. Your doctor told that it�??s time for you to give birth! Wow! You�??ve been waiting for this day for 9...

Baby Hazel Sibling SurpriseBaby Hazel Sibling Surprise

Baby Hazel has to take care of her cute sibling, can you help her?

Baby Barbie Beach SlackingBaby Barbie Beach Slacking

Baby Barbie loves summer time. She likes to have fun in the ocean and build sand castles. One of her favorite activities during summer is to eat delicious and tasty ice cream as well with different...

Baby Barbie Little Pony Face PaintingBaby Barbie Little Pony Face Painting

Baby Barbie loves art and especially face painting. It's her favorite types of amazing art and she would love to try a new style. Can you help her create something unique and cute? I am sure she wo...

Baby Cinderella House CleaningBaby Cinderella House Cleaning

It is time to tidy up around the rooms in this baby Cinderella house cleaning game as she has lots of work to do and she cannot even think in that mess so get busy with the broom. http://www.dre...

Sofy's Baby ShopSofy's Baby Shop

Ms. Sofy is a cute little baby, who knows what she wants! She likes her baby food to be home cooked, and she likes her dresses and outfits picked out and hand sewn specifically for her. She's a p...

Mommy Newborn CareMommy Newborn Care

Spend a lovely afternoon with our cute mommy and her newborn baby. The baby is restless and crying so you need to help our mom calm her cute baby by feeding him,sing a nice lullaby and showing her ...

Baby Hazel New Year BashBaby Hazel New Year BashHot Game

Baby Hazel is on top of the world ! Uncle John has invited Baby Hazel and her family for New Year celebrations at the Ice Castle. Board the cruise liner along with Baby Hazel and her dad to reach...

Baby Hazel Christmas TimeBaby Hazel Christmas Time

Baby Hazel is preparing to celebrate her first Christmas by decorating the house and wrapping presents. This adorable baby girl is feeling the Christmas spirit, but she's very curious about the my...

Baby Barbie Ballerina CostumesBaby Barbie Ballerina Costumes

Dress up baby Barbie for her ballet class turning her into a fabulous ballerina princess. Have a glance at her fashionable closet and try each ballerina dress on the little girl. Some fashion items...

Tom and Angela Family PortraitTom and Angela Family Portrait

Angela's baby is crying and she needs your help to take care of him and make him happy. Follow the steps and help Angela feed the baby, sing to him and show her love. After the baby stops from cryi...

Baby Hazel Bathroom HygieneBaby Hazel Bathroom Hygiene

Avoid contact of germs by maintaining good hygiene standards!! This time Baby Hazel learns to maintain bathroom hygiene standards. Her bathroom is wholly messed up and bathroom accessories are stai...

Miraculous Hero Baby BathMiraculous Hero Baby Bath

Our miraculous little hero needs a warm bath before she can go out into the world and fight bad guys, so get ready for an adventurous daycare! First, clean up the adorable girl, second, change her ...

Baby Barbie Swimming AccidentBaby Barbie Swimming Accident

It?s summer, so go to the swimming pool for a great time. Baby Barbie can?t wait to join her friends and play water sports and swim all day long. She loves this summer activity, because she can spe...

Baby Sophia Princess Anna MakeoverBaby Sophia Princess Anna Makeover

Baby Sophia loves the frozen princess Anna so much so that she wants to look one like her. She wants to sport the hairstyle of Anna and even wear the makeup and outfits like her. Can you fulfill th...

Anna Cesarean BirthAnna Cesarean Birth

Anna from Frozen is having a cute little baby, can you help her?

Baby Hazel First RainBaby Hazel First RainHot Game

It's the first rain of the season, and Baby Hazel can't wait to go jump in puddles and count raindrops with her best friends. The possibilities for fun are endless when the rain is falling, so the...

Angela Pregnant Check-UpAngela Pregnant Check-Up

Talking Angela is about to have a cute baby kitten so join her in an amazing doctor game for one last check up! Take the beautiful kitty to the hospital and use fun tools to see if everything is go...

Spongebob and Patrick BabiesSpongebob and Patrick Babies

Here come SpongeBob and his trusted friend Patrick, probable tow of the most adorable babies ever seen. This playful couple needs your assistance today and as their super talented babysitter you'll...

Baby Hazel Tea PartyBaby Hazel Tea PartyHot Game

Baby Hazel is planning a tea with her best friends. She's busy making pretty invitations and planning her outfit so that she can look fabulous for the tea party. But, this little girl is in over ...

Baby Hazel Pet PartyBaby Hazel Pet Party

It's finally the weekend, and Baby Hazel can't wait to get out of bed so that she can play with her precious pets. That's why she's invited her friends and their pets over for an exciting pet part...

Twin baby room decoration gameTwin baby room decoration game

Twin baby decoration game is a beautiful decoration game where you can decor a lot of rooms. Enjoy.

Baby Barbie Which Emoji Are You?Baby Barbie Which Emoji Are You?

Girls, do you love quizzes? I am sure you do, because they are great and fun at the same time. Today, if you answer all the amazing questions of this quiz with cute baby Barbie you will discover wh...

Baby Hazel Cooking TimeBaby Hazel Cooking Time

Darling Baby Hazel plans to be a chef today ! Mom is not at home and Hazel is hungry. So she decides to try her hands in cooking her favorite snacks. But she finds that no ingredients are available...

Ariel Maternity DoctorAriel Maternity Doctor

Ariel is a beautiful mommy to be,and today is her delivery date.She will go to the maternity for a quick check up and then the doctor will help her deliver her first baby and take care of the newbo...

Baby Hazel Halloween NightBaby Hazel Halloween Night

Can you help Baby Hazel to prepare for Halloween?

Baby Hazel Halloween CastleBaby Hazel Halloween Castle

Baby hazel has to look for her friends all over the spooky castle, can you help Baby Hazel with her search?

Baby Hazel Princess DressupBaby Hazel Princess DressupHot Game

Baby Hazel wants to be a lovely princess, can you help her to look like one as well?

Baby Hazel Hair CareBaby Hazel Hair CareHot Game

Baby Hazel is nervous about getting her haircut, so please make sure that she's comfortable with herself and okay with you by distracting her with toys and making sure she doesn't see the scissors!

Baby Barbie Chickenpox AttackBaby Barbie Chickenpox Attack

Help baby Barbie recover from the chickenpox attack caring for her and fulfilling all her needs. Use your nurse skills to take the body temperature first. The thermometer indicates the baby girl ha...

Barbie The Pearl Princess Spa DayBarbie The Pearl Princess Spa Day

Barbie the pearl princess possesses innumerable pearls with her. She would give those pearls to the one who gives her a good spa. She is very frustrated by the monotonous creativity of her maid ser...

Baby Care RushBaby Care Rush

Babies are cute and lovable, but when there are so many of them, things can get pretty crazy. You have to feed, bathe and amuse all the babies that come into your daycare babysitting facility.

Barbie going to campingBarbie going to camping

Join a special group of friends in this Barbie going camping game and help them prepare for this special trip in the middle of nature. Prepare the van, prepare your bags and choose a nice outfit fo...

Cute Baby Birth 3Cute Baby Birth 3

Can you help this cute girl with giving birth to her lovely baby?

Baby Barbie Summer Glittery TattooBaby Barbie Summer Glittery Tattoo

Can you help Baby Barbie with he glittery tattoo's?

Baby Hazel Laundry TimeBaby Hazel Laundry Time

Baby Hazel and her pet kitten, Katy, were playing in the garden when clouds suddenly began rolling in. Shortly after, the rain began pouring down from the sky, causing Baby Hazel to get covered in...

Baby Hazel Winter FunBaby Hazel Winter FunHot Game

Baby Hazel is forced to stay home from school today because of the heavy storm that is covering her neighborhood in a blanket of snow. After spending all day indoors, Baby Hazel is very bored. Th...

Baby Barbie Braces DoctorBaby Barbie Braces Doctor

Baby barbie needs to go to the doctor to get some braces. Can you take care of her?

Baby Hazel Reindeer SurpriseBaby Hazel Reindeer SurpriseHot Game

Can you help Hazel in grooming and pampering her little reindeer?

Baby Hazel Tomato FarmingBaby Hazel Tomato FarmingHot Game

Baby Hazel decides to grow tomato plants in her kitchen garden. But our little angel is too young for tomato farming. Can you help her in performing tomato farming activities ? First of all help H...

Baby Anna Easter CakeBaby Anna Easter Cake

Baby princess Anna has so much love for her elder sister Elsa. As a token of love she wants to make a cake for her. Can you help her?

Baby Barbie Birthday PartyBaby Barbie Birthday Party

Baby Barbie needs to get herself ready for her birthday party. But of course she needs a little help with that. Can you please guide her through everything for her party?

Baby Hazel Lighthouse AdventureBaby Hazel Lighthouse Adventure

Baby Hazel was enjoying a relaxing vacation with her family on a cruise ship when she spotted a lighthouse through her binoculars. Curious to know what the inside of a lighthouse looks like, Baby ...

Baby Hazel New Year's PartyBaby Hazel New Year's PartyHot Game

What better way to start out the new year than with the young and fun Baby Hazel? She's a young girl who loves exploring the world a little bit at a time. This is her first New Year's party, and ...

Baby Hazel GoldfishBaby Hazel GoldfishHot Game

Baby Hazel is very fond of pet animals, and really enjoys making them happy by taking great care of them. Today, Baby Hazel has an opportunity to apply her care taking skills. Baby Hazel and her ...

Baby Hazel Puppy CareBaby Hazel Puppy CareHot Game

Can you help Baby Hazel to take care of this cute puppy?

Baby Hazel Gums TreatmentBaby Hazel Gums Treatment

It's important to maintain dental hygiene for healthy gums and teeth! Today, Baby Hazel and Baby Matt have an appointment with dentist for routine dental checkup. Hazel is having sore gums which ar...

Angela Newborn BabyAngela Newborn Baby

Angela is going to become a mommy soon. Join her and make sure everything goes well.

Baby Barbie Superhero CostumesBaby Barbie Superhero Costumes

Can you help baby Barbie by finding the perfect superhero costume for her?

Pregnant Anna EmergencyPregnant Anna Emergency

Anna is pregnant and she suffered a terrible accident while searching for her sister. Practice your doctor skills and help her recover as soon as possible. Use all the tools you have in the emergen...

Baby Diaper Change GameBaby Diaper Change Game

I'm not a big fan of changing diapers. Is anyone? But someone has to do it, and that means it's time for me to step up and be accounted for! As the best diaper changer the world has ever known!

Baby Barbie Little PonyBaby Barbie Little Pony

Baby Barbie always wanted to have a little pony as pet and now her dream has come true. She cannot wait to bathe, groom, dress up and play with her new pet. The little pony is none other than Twili...

Pregnant Mommy CarePregnant Mommy Care

Help this pregnant mommy!

Baby Barbie Treasure HuntBaby Barbie Treasure Hunt

Can you help Baby Barbie to solve the treasure hunt?

Baby Hazel St Patrick's DayBaby Hazel St Patrick's DayHot Game

Help Baby Hazel out on St Patricks Day!

Baby Hazel Beach PartyBaby Hazel Beach Party

Baby Hazel's cousins, Ashley and Elisa are throwing a beach party for her and Kayla. Darling Hazel is excited for the fun and feasting she is going to enjoy in the party. Oh! But our little princes...

Baby Hazel Doctor PlayBaby Hazel Doctor Play

Baby Hazel isn't sure what she wants to be when she grows up. That's why she likes to experiment with all sorts of toys in hopes that she stumbles upon her true calling. Earlier today, Baby Hazel...

Baby Care DeluxeBaby Care Deluxe

Make sure your child grows healthy and happy!

Cinderella Baby WashCinderella Baby Wash

Once upon a time, the beloved princess Cinderella had an adorable daughter which she loved and cared for the most. Now it`s your chance to jump into the story and help Cinderella give the little pr...

Rapunzel Birth CareRapunzel Birth Care

Rapunzel in pregnant and today is her delivery date. Take care of Rapunzel and make sure she has a safe delivery. Are you ready?

Elsa Mom to BeElsa Mom to Be

Elsa from Frozen is going to be a mommy! Can you help her with finding a cute outfit?

Baby Tom Pool PartyBaby Tom Pool Party

Baby Tom loves parties! This time he is going to a pool party, will you join him?

Baby Barbie Strawberry CostumesBaby Barbie Strawberry Costumes

Baby Barbie loves strawberry shortcake! Today she's going to dress up as her, can you help Baby Barbie?

Baby Barbie Design My Little Pony DressBaby Barbie Design My Little Pony DressHot Game

Can you help baby barbie to create a lovely my little pony dress?

Baby Pet DoctorBaby Pet DoctorHot Game

Give a pet a new and enjoyable life with this caring game. Become a vet and help baby animals by healing their wounds and helping them get back onto their feet.

Fashion Studio: Mom to BeFashion Studio: Mom to Be

This mom to be is pregnant and will soon be given birth to a beautiful baby girl. She wants you to design the perfect outfit to spend the days until her baby is born. First create the perfect dress...

Baby Barbie Pony PresentBaby Barbie Pony Present

Baby Barbie has received a pony as a birthday present from her grandparents. She still needs to learn a lot about how to take care of a pony.

Baby SlackingBaby Slacking

Hey, get off your butt, baby! If this baby just sleeps away his day again, then he's going to get so far behind schedule when it comes to his first steps and his first words. You're not learning ...

Pretty Young MotherPretty Young Mother

This beautiful doll is taking her baby for a nice walk in her new baby stroller. Dress her up for fall and have a wonderful day outside with your baby!

Baby SlackingBaby SlackingHot Game

Sarah has been asked to babysit her young baby sister, Baby Emma, but slacking runs in the family and Baby Emma loves to have fun and cause trouble, just like her big sister! Teach Baby Emma how to...

Baby Hazel Pet HospitalBaby Hazel Pet Hospital

Baby Hazel runs a pet hospital and needs to take care of the cute animals. Can you help Baby Hazel?

Baby Rapunzel Beauty SpaBaby Rapunzel Beauty Spa

Baby Rapunzel Beauty Spa is a free online spa game for girls. Little baby Rapunzel dreams of becoming a beautiful princess some day. Certainly, she will make a fine princess and there is no doubt a...

Baby Elsa Hand DoctorBaby Elsa Hand Doctor

Plenty of accidents happen all day so in this baby Elsa hand doctor game we will not be judging, we will be healing. Try to follow the instructions to pull off the procedure flawlessly. http://...

Baby Barbie Crazy NailsBaby Barbie Crazy Nails

A great manicure is a must for a great fashionista such as baby Barbie. She loves bright colors, cute summer patterns and the most amazing stickers for her nails. She wants to try a great new style...

Baby Barbie Goes to DisneylandBaby Barbie Goes to Disneyland

he great fantasy land of games and fun time called Disneyland is one of baby Barbies' favorite places to visit. She wants to have fun and enjoy the company of Micky Mouse, Donald Duck and all the o...

Baby Barbie Sports InjuryBaby Barbie Sports Injury

Baby barbie has hurt herself. Can you help her to get better in this sports injury game?

Vannessa New Born BabyVannessa New Born Baby

Vannessa just found out.. that she's pregnant! Help her in her pregnancy adventure!

Baby Barbie Frozen HairstyleBaby Barbie Frozen Hairstyle

Can you help Baby Barbie by giving her a unique Frozen hairstyle?

Baby Barbie Hobbies Frozen T-shirtBaby Barbie Hobbies Frozen T-shirt

Get along with Baby Barbie and design your own frozen t-shirt!

Baby Hazel Thanksgiving FunBaby Hazel Thanksgiving Fun

Hurray! Baby Hazel and family have decided to celebrate Thanksgiving Day at her grandparents? home. Help Baby Hazel to get ready for the celebrations by dressing her up in festive costume and acces...

Baby Hazel Hygiene CareBaby Hazel Hygiene CareHot Game

Baby Hazel needs some advice on her hygiene while she's still young. She's on the avenue of cleanliness. But little Baby Hazel is going to need your help and advice for when she heads to the bath...

My Cool BabyMy Cool Baby

Take care and dress up the baby for a cool new look! Select the best outfits from cute, pretty to punk style!

Twins TroubleTwins Trouble

One has it, and the other wants it. Get ready for a busy day full of identical twin tantrums! Time your schedule carefully to ensure the boy and girl baby twins get equal time with the stroller a...

Baby Hazel Spring TimeBaby Hazel Spring Time

Lush green gardens, colorful flowers, bees and butterflies!!! Surely it?s spring, the most beautiful season of the year!! Let?s join Baby Hazel and friends to welcome this cheerful season. Help Haz...

Barbie Playing with BabyBarbie Playing with Baby

A whole array of fun challenges awaits for you in this Barbie Superhero baby game where you will need to complete them and at the same time keep an eye out for Barbie as she will be checking up on ...

Baby Elsa Forest TripBaby Elsa Forest Trip

Your favorite Frozen princes Elsa decided to bring her daughter from the Frozen Castle in the Amazon jungle. Why she decided it? Because she wants that her daughter meet all the wild animals. Do yo...

Baby Hazel Musical MelodyBaby Hazel Musical Melody

Time to enjoy some music! Go along with Baby Hazel to her music classroom and explore different types of musical instruments. Help her to identify and learn playing various musical instruments. Hav...

Nelly's Perfect BabyNelly's Perfect Baby

The amazing Nelly is pregnant with her first baby. She is very excited and it will be a joy to hold her baby in her arms. Before the birth, she needs to go to the hospital for a prenatal check up. ...

Baby Angela Cooking Butter CookiesBaby Angela Cooking Butter Cookies

Learn a new recipe in this baby talking Angela cooking game where you will bake some delicious cookies in a fully equipped kitchen.

Cute Baby Birth 2Cute Baby Birth 2

Can you help this mommy with getting her baby and taking care of him?

Baby Barbie Hospital RecoveryBaby Barbie Hospital RecoveryHot Game

Oh no, baby barbie is sick. Can you help her to get better?

Baby Hazel Valentine's DayBaby Hazel Valentine's Day

Today is Valentine's Day, so Baby Hazel's parents are going out to enjoy a romantic dinner together to celebrate. But, Baby Hazel has some plans of her own for this lovely holiday. While her pare...

Baby Hazel Gardening TimeBaby Hazel Gardening Time

It is time to teach Baby Hazel how to grow a rose plant. Baby Hazel has a garden in the backyard and she wants to grow different flowers and vegetables there. Teach Baby Hazel all about gardening a...

Disney Descendants BabiesDisney Descendants Babies

Baby princess Audrey and baby Lonnie. Come and join them in getting this brand-new game for girls started and first of all, select the little cutie you want to play with today.

Minion Girl and the Newborn BabyMinion Girl and the Newborn Baby

Playtime has started in this Minion girl and the newborn baby game and you have to finish all the challenges without getting spotted by the weary momma.

Ariel and the New Born BabyAriel and the New Born Baby

Enjoy a few challenging scenarios in this Ariel and the new born baby game where you will have to complete a series of tasks without getting caught playing as it is not play time yet before dinner....

Baby Elsa School PrepBaby Elsa School Prep

Baby Elsa is very eager to go back to school. The time is short and Elsa must see if she has all she needs to go to school. Help her clean her room and arrange the books and writing tools in the ri...

Frozen Anna Fruit GardenFrozen Anna Fruit Garden

Frozen Anna has a garden in which she wants to plan her fruit. Can you help her?

Anna's Baby WashAnna's Baby Wash

Get Anna`s cute little girl ready for a lovely mother-daughter day out in Arendelle! Give the princess a warm bubbly bath, wash and rinse her hair, play with her and then go on an adventure at the ...

Ariel Baby Room DecorationAriel Baby Room Decoration

Ariel is the happiest mommy ever and today she wants to decorate her baby's room. Why don't you join her in this new decorating game? She really needs your help. There are lots of pieces of furnitu...

Ariel playing with BabyAriel playing with Baby

Spend some quality time with two mermaids in these Ariel and Baby mini games as you will surely have a fantastic time together solving puzzles and coloring, or even going through a maze. http://...

Ariel Baby WashAriel Baby Wash

Ariel has to help her little baby girl get ready for school! Let's help Ariel!

Baby Barbie Around the WorldBaby Barbie Around the WorldHot Game

Baby Barbie went all around the world, and she got many fantastic costumes from all her trips.. Let's go look at some!

Anna and the Newborn BabyAnna and the Newborn Baby

Have a fantastic time with this Anna newborn baby game where she will need some assistance throughout this whole procedure! Can you help Anna from frozen?

Baby Barbie Tattoo DesignerBaby Barbie Tattoo Designer

Show off your tattoo designer skills and make baby Barbie happy creating the most beautiful sticker tattoo for her!

Anna Easter Room CleaningAnna Easter Room Cleaning

Baby Anna was doing all the preparation for Easter on her own and her room got dirty in the process. Now the baby wants your helping hand in cleaning and arranging her room. Can you help baby Anna?...

Draculaura Baby BirthDraculaura Baby Birth

Help Draculaura from Monster High with getting her cute baby!

Baby Barbie's Little SisterBaby Barbie's Little SisterHot Game

Can you help Baby Barbie to take care of her little sister?

My Cute BabyMy Cute Baby

It's never too early to start living a stylish lifestyle. From the rattler to the pacifier, this cute baby can rock any look, any style, any onesie. Take a look at this baby's closet and gather a...

Baby Princess BedroomBaby Princess Bedroom

Our baby princesses wants to decorate their sister baby bedroom.Start by changing the floor color,room walls color and decorate the bedroom with some nice furniture. After you finish the bedroom wi...

Cute Baby Daycare 2Cute Baby Daycare 2

Care for these cute babies at your very own baby daycare! Give each baby exactly what it needs to keep it happy and healthy! If a baby cries too much, you will lose a life. Good luck!

Baby Shower DressupBaby Shower Dressup

Mandy is so happy and she just can't wait to meet her baby girl! Today she planned a baby shower party and all her friends and family will be there!

Baby DropBaby Drop

Save all babies who are falling out the burning building.

Baby Hazel Dolphin TourBaby Hazel Dolphin TourHot Game

Baby Hazel is going on a dolphin tour, can you help her?

Princess Kory Flower GardenPrincess Kory Flower Garden

Join our baby princess Kory in her adventure to the flower garden.She will need your help in finding the things she is looking for.The time is short,she only has 60 seconds and you must help her fi...

Baby Princess Halloween Doll HouseBaby Princess Halloween Doll House

Can you help baby princess to decorate the Halloween doll house?

Barbie Superhero and the New Born BabyBarbie Superhero and the New Born Baby

Someone really cute is about to see the world for the first time in this Barbie Superhero newborn game and you will be there as one small piece of all the stuff that she will see. http://www.dre...

Newborn Baby CareNewborn Baby Care

Welcome to the newborn baby nursery! It is your first day as a babysitter in the nursery and your job is to care for these newborn babies and make sure they are happy, healthy and clean. You will n...

Baby Rapunzel Cooking Cake BallsBaby Rapunzel Cooking Cake Balls

The smell of dessert will fill up the house after this Baby Rapunzel cooking game as she has prepared a simple, yet delightful recipe in which you will be preparing some cake balls. http://www.c...

Baby Moana gets TidyBaby Moana gets Tidy

One of the cutest babies out there needs a loving babysitter to take a good care of her and our exclusive baby game for girls is your chance ladies to prove that you are the right person to do it. ...

Delicious Rounded CookiesDelicious Rounded Cookies

Let's bake some delicious rounded cookies in this cute cooking game!

Baby Barbie Palace PetsBaby Barbie Palace Pets

Can you help baby barbie to run this palace filled with pets?

Baby Nasal CongestionBaby Nasal Congestion

Uh oh, this baby has a nose infection! Let's help her get better! In this game you're the doctor, and it's up to you to cure cute little babies!

Pretty Baby Anna Face ArtPretty Baby Anna Face Art

Frozen baby Anna loves face art because it is really nice to have attractive designs on your face. Baby Anna has come to your face art studio for an attractive design. Make Anna look cool in this f...

Baby Rosy Flu ProblemsBaby Rosy Flu Problems

Baby Rosy has flu problems and feels really bad. Can you help Baby Rosy to get better?

Baby Angela and Tom Washing ClothesBaby Angela and Tom Washing Clothes

Baby Tom and Baby Angela decided to help their parents with the spring cleaning. They gathered all their toys and now they want to wash it. Help the two kittens separate the plastic toys from the s...

Baby Barbie Cake ShopBaby Barbie Cake Shop

Help Baby Barbie to run the cake shop! Have fun!

Pregnant Anna Baby ShoppingPregnant Anna Baby Shopping

Anna is going shopping today. She needs to refill her fridge with healthy food because she is pregnant. She also has to buy some items for the baby that will be born soon. Let us help Anna finish t...

Rapunzel Pregnant ShoppingRapunzel Pregnant Shopping

Rapunzel is pregnant and doesn't fit in her normal clothes anymore. Can you find Rapunzel a suitable outfit to wear?

Baby Juliet School DayBaby Juliet School Day

baby Juliet has her first day at school. Can you help Baby Juliet to make this a good day?

Barbie College Student Dress UpBarbie College Student Dress Up

Barbie wants to find a dark princess outfit, can you help with picking out a stylish outfit in this awesome dress up game?

Monster Baby FeedingMonster Baby Feeding

Baby Draculaura starts crying in the middle of the night, right when all the spooky creatures are out hunting or howling at the moon. The little one is hungry, upset and she needs her mommy. Calm t...

Royal Baby RoomRoyal Baby Room

The midwife is the woman who's usually responsible for decorating the nursery, but my royal baby has a mind of his own. He's got a handful of ideas (even though he can't really figure out how to u...

Baby care spa salonBaby care spa salon

Take care of these cute babies and make sure she doesn't cry!

Design my Baby's OutfitDesign my Baby's Outfit

Can you design a cute outfit for this cute baby?

My Baby Sister DressupMy Baby Sister Dressup

Play this game and dress up the little baby sister for a walk in the park, on a sunny day. Choose from a variety of cute, colored dresses and accessories. Have fun!

Babysitter Cleaning With BabyBabysitter Cleaning With Baby

Alice has been working as a babysitter since seven years. She is very sincere and loyal in her duty. The baby whom she takes care of is Bella. Bella always prefer Alice to be with her. On every wee...

Baby Elsa Skin Care SpaBaby Elsa Skin Care Spa

Elsa is the smartest girl in the class. She is hardly six years old. The mom of the kid holds an important position in the society. She doesn't have much time to look after the baby. Tomorrow she i...

Barbie Superhero MommyBarbie Superhero Mommy

See what it takes to be a parent in this Barbie Superhero and the New Born Baby game as you will have to take care of the little girl and also play with mommy for a bit so she can forget about all ...

Baby John Morning CareBaby John Morning Care

Baby John?s mommy had an emergency and you are babysitting this morning. He is really cute and nice! You have to give him a morning bath, get him dressed and feed him his cereal. http://www.dre...

Fairytale Cinderella BabyFairytale Cinderella Baby

Help baby cinderella and take good care of her in this cute fairytale game!

Baby Barbie Summer CruiseBaby Barbie Summer Cruise

Baby barbie is going on a summer cruise! Join her in her adventure!

Baby Rosy Bedroom DecorationBaby Rosy Bedroom Decoration

Can you help Baby Rosy to decorate the bedroom?

Baby Barbie Allergy AttackBaby Barbie Allergy Attack

Baby Barbie is not feeling well, her nose is running, her eyes are irritated, a super itchy skin rash appeared on her arms, not to mention her face is all covered in red allergy spots. She must be ...

Baby Elsa's Patchwork BlanketBaby Elsa's Patchwork Blanket

Baby Elsa needs a new blanket, can you design it for her?

Baby Barbie Fairy CostumesBaby Barbie Fairy Costumes

Can you help baby barbie with putting on a cute fairy costume?

Baby Lulu Hair SalonBaby Lulu Hair Salon

Baby Lulu is going to kindergarten and she needs a new hairstyle. First give Lulu a nice hairstyle and then dress up her for kindergarten. Have fun!

Baby Ella on a PicnicBaby Ella on a Picnic

Meet Baby Ella, the cute little baby girl that loves to play! Today Baby Ella wants to visit the park for a fun picnic. Can you help Ella prepare for the picnic? Help her to make sandwiches by drag...

Elsa Baby BathElsa Baby Bath

Baby Elsa is a spoiled little princess with big dreams and magic in her hands. She loves to play in the castle and run through the ballrooms all day but she needs to be clean and perfectly dressed ...

Baby GameBaby Game

Have fun creating you very own virtual baby!

Elsa And Frankie BabiesElsa And Frankie Babies

Can you take care of cute baby Elsa and Frankie? They both need really good care!

Baby Angela in StrollerBaby Angela in Stroller

Can you take care of Baby Angela in this cute caring game?

Baby Tom Day CareBaby Tom Day Care

Baby Tom is in a playful mood today, so join him for a lovely afternoon in this nice game. You must find his beloved toys which are hidden in his room, so be careful and choose the correct ones to ...

Rapunzel Baby BirthRapunzel Baby Birth

Rapunzel is getting a cute little baby and needs your help to take care of her. Can you help her?

Baby Rosy Day CareBaby Rosy Day Care

Help Baby Rosy in this cute baby caring game!

Baby Madison Easter FunBaby Madison Easter Fun

Join our playful baby girl in getting the ?Baby Madison Easter Fun? game started and first of all pick out some yummy fruits and vegetables to lure the bunny out.

Baby Barbie Pizza MakerBaby Barbie Pizza Maker

Help Baby Barbie to create some delicious pizza in this pizza maker game!

Ariel New BabyAriel New Baby

Our little mermaid Ariel is getting a cute baby, can you help her?

Cute Baby FeedingCute Baby Feeding

This cute little baby needs a lot of attention, can you help the mom to feed the baby?

Baby Elsa Party MakeoverBaby Elsa Party Makeover

Baby Elsa wants to look beautiful for family dinner tonight.So she needs your help to look great!

Naughty Baby DoctorNaughty Baby Doctor

Can you take care of this cute baby?

Baby Hazel Halloween CraftsBaby Hazel Halloween Crafts

It's halloween crafts making day! Let's help Baby Hazel with creating the best halloween crafts ever!

Baby First ChristmasBaby First Christmas

It's Christmas time, the most wonderful time of the year. It's these babies' first Christmas, so they would like to be the sweetest babies of this year's Christmas. You can choose if you want to ...

Emma Halloween CakeEmma Halloween Cake

Halloween is getting near and Emma wants to impress everyone with a fantastic cake. Join the little girl and help her create the most beautiful Halloween cake ever! Choose the shape and colors. The...

Baby Barbie in Princess PowerBaby Barbie in Princess Power

Barbie is here with her princess power, defend the world!

Baby Rapunzel and Mom ShoppingBaby Rapunzel and Mom Shopping

Can you help Baby Rapunzel and her mom shopping?

Baby Emma BridesmaidBaby Emma Bridesmaid

Baby Emma is going to be a bridesmaid for her lovely mom. Can you help Emma?

Baby Frog Princess MakeoverBaby Frog Princess Makeover

This baby frog princess Tiana wants a facial makeover in this spa game. Pamper the baby at your online spa saloon and treat her with extreme care that her facial skin becomes flawless!

Baby Luke BathingBaby Luke Bathing

Baby Luke is very cute kid and like all small children�??s and he want to play some dirty games. And now is time to clean up. Follow the instruction on the game and bath baby Luke. Choose the best ...

Baby Cinderella Summer BathBaby Cinderella Summer Bath

Bella is the mom of Cinderella. Bella's hand's are always full. The mom of the kid works in an NGO organization. This weekend she is going to a hamlet to teach the student. In her absence take care...

Princess Fiona Baby DragonsPrincess Fiona Baby Dragons

Choose a baby dragon, take care of it and watch it grow! Select outfits and dress it up, make it the cutest creature in the royal palace!

Baby Barbie Palace Pets PJ PartyBaby Barbie Palace Pets PJ Party

Girls, the cute baby Barbie is ready for a great new adventure and a fun party. She wants to spend a nice time with all her dear pets princess friends and enjoy cookies and fun activities. Join her...

Baby MinionBaby Minion

Can you take of this cute baby minion?

Asian Baby CaringAsian Baby Caring

Can you help this mommy to take care of her cute little asian baby in this caring game?

Princess Baby CarePrincess Baby Care

Welcome to the royal princess baby nursery! It is your first day as a royal babysitter in the palace nursery and it is your job to care for these cute baby princesses. You must make sure they are h...

Rapunzel Baby FeedingRapunzel Baby Feeding

Rapunzel has a newborn baby and taking care of him is pretty exhausting. He wakes up in the middle of the night and cries, can you help calming the baby and feeding him with Rapunzel? http://www...

Anna and Kristoff Baby FeedingAnna and Kristoff Baby Feeding

Anna and Kristoff are now parents! Help the charming couple take care of their little girl in the middle of the night. The baby is hungry so you must bottle feed her some delicious warm milk, wrap ...

Baby Anna Halloween Spa DayBaby Anna Halloween Spa Day

Baby Anna from Frozen wants a lovely spa day before she puts on her Halloween make-up. Anna really loves Halloween and she's super excited!

Barbie Summer CakeBarbie Summer Cake

Barbie is the studious girl in the class. She would go to church every day. The girl has already informed you that you will have a meeting as soon as the mass gets over. In the meeting she revealed...

Baby BathtubBaby Bathtub

This cutie here adores her daily splashy, bubbly baths! Now, what would you say about turning her dear little bathtub, where she usual has so much fun, and that area close to it, into a chic, color...

Baby Dress UpBaby Dress Up

When it comes to baby fashion, this toddler has it covered - check out those amazing clothes.

Baby Ariel Bathroom CleaningBaby Ariel Bathroom Cleaning

In this game we are going to clean the bathroom. The bathroom looks so dirty and it requires some cleaning. But I can?t do it all alone. Can you help me to clean the bathroom?

Baby Barbie Little Pony CupcakesBaby Barbie Little Pony Cupcakes

Baby Barbie loves to cook. She is awesome at it and she likes to learn brand new recipes with great ingredients, which she can easily decorate. It's time to join her for a super fun cooking experie...

Pony Doctor GamePony Doctor GameHot Game

Can you give your pony a treatment? She's really sick and needs a doctor!

Baby Ariel MakeoverBaby Ariel Makeover

Can you help baby Ariel with her makeover?

Elsa Modern MommyElsa Modern Mommy

Everyone is very excited for their first day of school- so is Elsa's little daughter! Let's get her prepared for her first day!

Pregnant Draculaura Maternity DecoPregnant Draculaura Maternity Deco

Draculaura is pregnant and she needs to redecorate the room for the baby monster. Create a cozy environment for the little one using all sorts of elements. You can change the crib, the drapes and e...

Pregnant Rapunzel Baby ShowerPregnant Rapunzel Baby Shower

Rapunzel is pregnant and she is having a fun baby shower. You are in charge of all the decorations for the party so start choosing your colors for the furniture and come up with a great design. Mat...

Baby Juliet at the DentistBaby Juliet at the Dentist

Baby Juliet's dentist is very kind. Although he never omits the scary tools, the scraper and the clasp have to be lowered into her mouth to fix all of her teeth. Juliet has been trying to stop dr...

Easter Memory GameEaster Memory Game

Match all of the Easter cards in this memory game. There are hundreds of opportunities to find those hidden eggs in these levels if you search for them and find them! Give it a try!

Nursery Room DecorNursery Room Decor

This couple has a new addition to their family, and this new bundle of joy comes in pairs. Decorate the nursery room for both a young boy and girl, complete with stuffed animals, twirling toys, an...


Everybody loves an emo baby! Style this too cute kid in fashionable and fun skull, heart and retro styled everything.

Baby Twins Dress UpBaby Twins Dress Up

Dress up these tiny and cute twins. There are tons of baby clothes to choose for them! You can also change their mood too!

Baby Bottle HaircutsBaby Bottle Haircuts

This cute baby needs to be taken care of. She needs to be prepared to get a cute hairstyle. What kind of hairstyle do you think that will suit this cutie?

Baby Elsa BathingBaby Elsa Bathing

Baby Elsa bathing game is a really fun way to spend a bit of your free time making her go through all the stages of the bath process and also have a great deal of fun along the way.

Cute Baby DressupCute Baby Dressup

Cute Baby Dressup will have you creating various cute baby outfit on a cute little girl. When you like her new outfit just easily print your result.

Frozen Baby Anna Haircut InjuryFrozen Baby Anna Haircut Injury

Baby Anna is always joyful and excited. That too she will be in seventh heaven on Friday. The reason behind her happiness is that the following days are holidays. You run a saloon in the hometown. ...

Baby Beach PrepareBaby Beach Prepare

Beaches are one of the most popular vacation locations, especially during the summer. Now, our little girl is planning a trip to beach with her friends. The problem is that she doesn�??t knoww how...

Tracy and FairyTracy and Fairy

Little Tracy was a very good girl, so the Good Fairy took her into the magic place of fashion. Here, the Fairy is going to change Tracy's look by magic! Would you like to help the Fairy dress up li...

Baby TigerBaby Tiger

Dress up Kenny the cutest baby tiger in the whole wide world!

Dress A BabyDress A Baby

This cute baby boy is ready to have some fun and play with his toys in the playroom, however you decide to dress your virtual baby brother make sure he looks super cute!

One Tooth TonyOne Tooth Tony

Dress up this little one toothed little trouble maker!

Baby Ariel FishBaby Ariel Fish

Help Flounder get back on his feet and enjoy this baby Ariel mermaid game with some cute activities with her favorite fish friend. Surely you will have plenty of fun with the two colorful characters.

Baby Barbie Cooking Cotton CandyBaby Barbie Cooking Cotton Candy

Start up the spinning wheel and make some delicious treats in this Barbie Superhero cotton candy cooking game. Choose colors and shapes then hand it out to your friends.

Baby Rapunzel Garden DecorationBaby Rapunzel Garden Decoration

Can you help baby Rapunzel to decorate the garden?

SpongeBob N Patrick BabysitSpongeBob N Patrick Babysit

Spongebob has to take care of this cute little baby. Can you help him?

Baby Rosy Eye CareBaby Rosy Eye Care

Awww, poor baby rosy is sick. Can you help her to cure her eyes?

Angela's Baby WashAngela's Baby Wash

Angela's little kitten is in need of a bath and she wants your help! Prepare the bathtub with bubbles and beautiful flowers so that you can start washing the adorable kitty. Shampoo his hair, rinse...

Sherley Perfect BabySherley Perfect Baby

Sherley is a beautiful young pregnant mother and she is preparing to give birth to a beautiful baby boy. Until then she is going to a medical check up and you are designed to assist her through the...

Baby Rosy Room CleaningBaby Rosy Room Cleaning

Baby Rosy was a bit naughty and her mom gave her a special task as a punishment. Baby Rosy must clean the dining room and after she finishes the job she can play her favorite games. Let us help bab...

Cinderella Kitchen CleaningCinderella Kitchen Cleaning

Along with Cinderella will have to go into the kitchen where you have to get your hands on the job because you cleaned up, you should take all mature and mature in the kitchen, then the swab will h...

Cute Baby CareCute Baby Care

Welcome to the cute baby nursery! It is your first day as a babysitter in the nursery and your job is to care for these babies and make sure they are happy, healthy and clean. You will need to bath...

Elsa Frozen Baby FeedingElsa Frozen Baby Feeding

Our beloved Elsa is now a doting mother and must bottle feed her own little princess so that she can grow up to be the next ruler of Arendelle. Help Elsa cheer her adorable baby girl by cuddling an...

Babies ClinicBabies Clinic

Summer is a famous pediatrician in the city. She is looking for an assistant who is very passionate to treat babies at her clinic. Are you the right person to do this job? Help Summer in her baby ...

Chibi Kairi & Namine Dress UpChibi Kairi & Namine Dress Up

Chibi and Namine can't wait to get dressed up by you! Try this out available in many different languages.

Baby Barbie Christmas MagicBaby Barbie Christmas Magic

Help her decorate the tree and you girls can now wait Santa�s arrival! Have fun playing this exciting new Baby Barbie Christmas Magic game!

Babies Bedroom MakeoverBabies Bedroom Makeover

Imagine one of those common rooms in any nursery: the play room. You will be able to decorate it with a slide or with a pool of balls so that the children can have some fun.

Baby School Uniform DesignBaby School Uniform Design

Can you create a lovely uniform for baby who is going to her first day of school?

Shirley's Perfect BabyShirley's Perfect Baby

Shirley is a beautiful young pregnant mother and she is preparing to give birth to a beautiful baby boy. Until then she is going to a medical checkup and you are designed to assist her through the ...

Baby Rosy Bathroom DecorationBaby Rosy Bathroom Decoration

Baby Rosy has some serious skills. Can you help her to decorate her bathroom?

Baby Emma Laundry TimeBaby Emma Laundry Time

Baby Emma has been playing with Max, her dog, and got herself real dirty! Can you help clean her up?! Laundry time!

Baby Madison PranksterBaby Madison PranksterHot Game

Join Baby Madison in this prankster game!

Baby Cooking AccidentBaby Cooking Accident

Oh no! Baby got hurt and she needs a doctor. Can you be there as a doctor for her and make sure she gets well again and cook delicious food? You might even get to taste her cooking skills then!

Michelle's Baby RushMichelle's Baby Rush

Play with your baby clients at Michelle's day care. With a fun ping pong table, and challenging babies to get the money and a little extra tip from the doting parents of each infant.

Babysitter Facial MakeoverBabysitter Facial Makeover

This cute babysitter is excited because she is going to a job interview! She is very good with kids, but this time it is important to impress their parents, too since they are the ones dishing out ...

Feed Your BabiesFeed Your Babies

It's not a game! This is serious business! Can you decide what you need to feed these little kids to give them all the nutrition they need to go on?

Crazy Baby HairCrazy Baby Hair

What's this little baby going to be for Halloween? I'm not sure, but you can bet she's going to look like be just the silliest thing in the world! Maybe she'll be the princess of wacky hair or th...

Cute Baby Sitter Dress UpCute Baby Sitter Dress Up

Linda is babysitting cute Mimi okay, but she doesn't have anything planned! Well, she better go pick up some toys or plan a few games to play so she doesn't have a bored baby on her hands!

Baby Sitter StyleBaby Sitter Style

Being a baby sitter is great if you love kids! Style this cute baby sitter up in lots of fun clothes for her first day with her new friend!

Pouty BellePouty Belle

Poor pouting Belle broke her favorite toy! Cheer this cute little cutie up with a new outfit and some friendly surroundings.

The NurseryThe Nursery

If you love kids then you'll love working in a fast and fun paced nursery! Change diapers, feed play with and most importantly love these cute kids!

Lovely Mom to BeLovely Mom to Be

Make way for baby and look chic with an assortment of flower printed, pastel colored and high contrast maternity clothing! This lovely mom is showing off her baby bump in stylish sun dresses and pe...

Girly ToddlerGirly Toddler

Dress up this cute kid in colorful socks, tops and shorts! Give her a new toy and hair cut then set her free amongst her crib to crawl, play and have fun!

Cute CupidCute Cupid

Meet cupid! He's the darling angel that's going to make you fall in love forever with your one true love!

Fright - Mare Babies 2Fright - Mare Babies 2

We?ve prepared a new Fright-Mare baby caring game for your, ladies! Today you are going to babysit Frets Quartzmane and Pyxis Prepstockings in this brand new Monster High Fright-Mare game on DressU...

Baby Hazel Siblings DayBaby Hazel Siblings Day

Can you help baby hazel to take care of her siblings on siblings day?


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