Latest bathroom designs pictures 2017

latest bathroom designs pictures 2017

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This article will cover many of the latest kitchen design trends in 2017. These trends include a multitude of styles and tastes, ranging from Contemporary, to Traditional, and everywhere in-between. Ultimately, this year’s kitchen trends have something for everyone regarding style, color, appliances, countertops, cabinets etc.

latest kitchen trends

Specifically, we will describe kitchen trends around the following topics:

  • Style & Décor
  • Colors
  • Cabinetry
  • Countertops
  • Appliances
  • Sinks
  • Lighting

Hopefully you will find some kitchen ideas that meet your own style.

Let’s see all the topics of this post below:

Table of Contents

Style & Décor:

Integrated Kitchen & Living Spaces

integrated kitchen and dining

Many home owners enjoy cooking and entertaining guests simultaneously. This trend is simply removing the barrier between the guests and their host. This allows for a more interactive, fluid environment in any kitchen and dining area.

Transitional Style

transitional style kitchen

Image source:

Transitional Style kitchens are an equal balance between traditional and contemporary. Using the simplicity of contemporary style, and the charm of traditional décor, the transitional style can be achieved. Due to this style’s ability to appeal to both traditional and contemporary tastes, it is a great choice for selling-point renovations.

Nordic or Scandinavian Style

nordic scandinavian style kitchen

This style revolves around simplicity. Often times, this style implements light colors, organic textures, and clean lines. This achieves a feeling of serenity and simplicity, which seem to be reoccurring themes in this years’ trends. Overall, these components create an appealing contemporary look.

Metallic Finishes

metallic finish kitchen

The new trend of metallic finishes can be implemented with several methods. While some utilization of metals may seem commonplace, many designers are using the unique texture in a whole new way. Cabinetry and backsplash, in particular, are taking this trend by storm.

Texture-On-Texture Contrast

texture on texture design kitchen

Image source:

Metals are not the only texture coming into play with this years’ kitchen trends. Layering varying textures is becoming increasingly popular. With so many variables in texture choices in a cooking environment, it is not surprising to see this trend emerge. Moreover, you can incorporate inexpensive kitchen backsplash ideas for a trending look using not so common materials like wine bottle corks, pennies etc.



color blocking in kitchen

This trend involves the use of solid (blocked) colors in close proximity to each other. Often times this method is used in kitchens with white cabinetry to offset the brightness of the colors.

Muted Color Schemes

muted neutral color scheme in kitchen

Muted or desaturated colors can create a calming atmosphere. There are many ways to accomplish this trend. However, grey and off-white seem to remain the most popular colors. This is especially true for cabinetry.

Rose Quartz and Serenity

rose quartz color in kitchen

serenity kitchen color

These have been chosen as Pantone’s 2016 colors of the year. Rose Quartz is a pale pink, and Serenity is a pale blue. Both of these colors integrate well into several other kitchen trends, current and upcoming this year.


Shaker Doors

shaker cabinet doors in kitchen

This cabinet door style is known for its’ beautiful traditional simplicity. Shaker is considered to be a timeless cabinet door style, and will most likely remain popular for years to come.

Frameless Doors

frameless cabinet doors

Frameless cabinet doors, also known as European doors, are continuing their popularity into 2017. Their flat panel doors make for easy accessibility and a clean appearance.

Contrasting Colors or Stains

contrasting colors in kitchen cabinets

Contrasting two or more cabinet colors or stains can create a highly unique look in any kitchen. There are endless possibilities.

Exposed Shelving

exposed shelving cabinets

Whether it’s for decoration or easy access, exposed shelving is remaining a popular alternative to wall cabinetry in 2017. The style of shelving and décor can be tailored to the style of the space, making this trend a great option for any kitchen.

Cabinet Add-Ons

cabinet add on

Image source:

While many of these trends focus on style and form, this trend is all about function. Cabinet add-ons can help make cabinet storage easier to access. They can also keep things organized without a fuss, increasing efficiency and using storage space to its’ full potential.

Smart Storage

smart storage cabinet with charging power outlets

Image source:

Hidden charging stations and outlets for tablets, phones, and other electronics are up and coming as well. This is a great way to keep charging electronics out of sight and organized.



quartz countertop

Quartz is moving up the ranks in the world of solid surface countertops. Unlike granite, it does not need to be sealed, making it a lower maintenance alternative to granite.



Although quartz is pushing ahead when it comes to convenience, granite continues to be a popular option for large luxury kitchens countertops.



colorful appliance

Colorful appliances are one of 2017’s most exciting kitchen trends. There are so many options, and the possibilities are endless. Adding bright pops of color is a great way to liven up any kitchen décor.

Built-In Appliances

built in appliances

While built-in appliances have been popular for quite a while, they will become even more of a hit in the current year. Wall ovens, microwave drawers, built-in refrigerators, etc.

Black Stainless

black stainless steel appliances

This is a great look. There is certainly talk that black stainless might even become more popular than original stainless steel.

Rose Gold

rose gold copper color appliance

Image source:

4.2-Rose Gold 2

Rose gold (or copper color) is a beautiful alternative finish for both large and small appliances. This trend also ties into the metallic finish trend.


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