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Rihanna Medium, Straight Bob

Rihanna's bob has an edgy look that can be achieved with a razor cut. How to style it:

1. Spray damp hair sedu hair styles with thickening spray (if it's fine) or light hair gel (if it's thick). Comb through and create a side part.
2. Blow dry hair with a round brush until it's smooth and dry.
3. Run a flat iron over it. Be sure to curve the iron as you move down the length of your hair so it doesn't come out straw-straight.
4. Smooth a little shine serum over the ends. All done.

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Rachel Bilson's Long, Straight, Layered Hairstyle

Rachel Bilson's sleek style is a great choice for straight hair. Steal her style: 1. If your hair isn't already straight, apply a straightening balm and blow dry hair. Follow up with a flat iron if needed to get it super-sleek.2. For more flair, do a zigzag part instead of a straight down-the-middle one.3. Smooth on a shine serum to finish the look. See More Rachel Bilson Hairstyles

Nicole Richie Medium-Length, Blonde Ponytail

Nicole Richie's low ponytail and sweeping bangs make a sophisticated style. Get the look: 1. Apply volumizing mousse to damp hair.2. Blow dry hair with a large paddle brush, brushing it under (with the brush under the hair as you pull it through). The paddle brush will help smooth out your hair. Blow dry bangs across forehead and off to the side.3. Use a straightening iron to smooth out 2-inch sections of hair on the sides, in front and in back. Lightly tease hair at the crown of your head for a little extra volume. Smooth top layer over it.4. Leaving bangs free, pull rest of hair back into a ponytail, based slightly above the nape of your neck and to the side, and secure with an elastic band. 5. For bangs, apply a small amount of hair wax to sweep them across your forehead and off to the side. Set the look with a light-hold hairspray. See More Nicole Richie Hairstyles

Nicky Hilton Sexy, Straight, Brunette Hairstyle

Nicky Hilton's sleek hairstyle is the perfect party 'do for a night out on the town. Get the look: 1. To get started, apply a heat-protective straightening cream to damp hair, making sure to get the lower layers as well as the top. 2. Then, blow dry your hair straight with a paddle brush, starting at the roots and working all the way down to the tips.3. Once your hair is completely dry, create a side-part with a comb, then go over your hair with a straightener, spending extra time if your hair tends to be particularly wavy.4. Finish by working a pomade through your hair, to hold the straightness and give it a bit of shine.

Mischa Barton Long, Straight, Sexy Hairstyle

Mischa Barton's long, sleek look just screams "sexy." Make your hair scream too with these tips: 1. Start your 'do by applying a straightening balm to your hair (this is especially important if you have wavy or curly hair; straightening balm will help you avoid the frizzies). 2. Part your hair down the middle, and blow it dry with a large paddle brush, which will add volume without adding wave. 3. Once hair is thoroughly dry, use a straightening iron to smooth out 2-inch sections of hair. 4. Finger comb hair to frame your face, and finish the look with a light misting of shine spray.

Megan Fox Long, Straight Hairstyle

Megan Fox's style with a side part is a perfect way to show off super-straight hair. Get her look: 1. Start by combing a straightening serum through your hair. 2. Make a straight side part.3. Using a flat brush, blow dry your hair straight, aiming the nozzle of the blow dryer down your hair length. 4. Heat up a straightening iron and slide it from roots to tips5. Put a few drops of shine serum in the palms of your hands, massage palms together and smooth over your hair from the part down.

Lisa Rinna Short Hairstyle with Sideswept Bangs

Lisa Rinna's feathery bangs are a great way to handle over-grown fringe. To get the look: 1. Brush damp bangs into one section and spray the top and bottom of them with styling spray. Then mist the rest of your hair with the same spray.2. Using a Mason Pearson-style brush, blow dry your bangs to the left, and the right, back and forth until they're 80 percent dry. This helps knock out any bendy-ness so they end up smooth.3. Finish blow drying bangs in the direction you want them to end up. 4. After you've styled the rest of your hair, brush the bangs into place, finger comb 'em (to break them up), then mist allover with flexible-hold hairspray.

Lisa Rinna Sexy Shag Hairstyle

When Lisa Rinna dresses up, she goes for a more polished finish. Steal her style:1. To get the look, apply a lightweight hair gel and blow dry to 80 percent with your hands. 2. Then switch to a Mason Pearson-style, boar-bristle brush and finish blow drying. Scoop hair up at the roots for volume (bangs, too), and be sure to dry it with a soft bend. Gently direct the ends outward, for a gentle flick.3. Finish by pinching a bit of styling wax through the ends. Just enough to define them.

Lindsay Lohan Long, Straight, Brunette Hairstyle

Lindsay Lohan's long, chocolate 'do is perfect for naturally straight hair. Steal her style: 1. Start with a trim that gives you long, slightly layered bangs but is otherwise the same length all around.2. Apply gel or volumizing spray at the crown of your head, part hair in the center and blow dry with a paddle brush while pulling hair up at the crown to get volume.3. If hair isn't stick-straight at this point, run through it with a flatiron to get it that way. 4. Smooth a quarter-sized dollop of shine serum throughout and mist with hairspray to set. (If you need more length, clip in matching long, straight hair extensions like Lindsay's and blend with fingers.)

Lindsay Lohan Long, Straight, Black Hairstyle

Lindsay Lohan's simple, one-length mane is so worthy of movie night. To get the look: 1. If your hair is naturally wavy, work a straightening balm throughout strands and blow dry straight with a paddle brush.2. Part hair in the center and flat iron it section by section until hair is completely straight. If you wish, flip your wrist to give ends a slight wave.3. Mist hair with shine serum and set with light-hold hairspray.

Kim Kardashian Half Updo for Prom

Kim Kardashian's long half updo hairstyle is fierce for straight hair and will stay put through hours of dancing. Steal her style:1. Start by sectioning off hair into two parts: the top half of your head in a horseshoe shape and the bottom half, which you will leave alone for now.2. Apply an ample amount of strong hold gel or molding cream to your horseshoe shape and tease the hair, starting at the back of your head and working your way forwards until you reach the inch before your forehead.3. With fine tooth comb, brush that remaining inch over your teased section and start sculpting back, spraying with strong hold hairspray as you mold into shape.4. Slick back the sides of your hair and pin back underneath the ends of the teased section, hiding the bobby pins.5. Twist a couple large sections from the bottom half of your hair around the barrel of a curling iron. Spray with hairspray as needed. See More Kim Kardashian Hairstyles

Katie Holmes Sexy, Brunette Bob

Katie Holmes' show-stopping bob is ideal for those with short hair that want a really dressy look. What to do:1. If your hair isn't already straight, apply straightening cream to damp hair.2. Then, clip up the top half your hair and use a round brush to dry the lower section, piece by piece. When the brush gets to the tips, twist your wrist at the end to curl it under slightly. Then dry the top section.3. Then, tease the hair at the crown of your head with a comb (only a little, refrain from tease-overkill).4. Smooth the top layer of hair over the teased section.5. Finally, create a side part -- make sure it's very severe -- then finish with a light holding spray so that the side part stays in place. See More Katie Holmes Hairstyles

Jennifer Aniston Long, Sedu, Straight Hairstyle

Jennifer Aniston's long, straight style isn't just for casual looks... it can also work for a more formal occasion, especially if you want to show off some blingy jewelry. Tips to get this look: 1. Start with completely dry hair, which you've sprayed with leave-in conditioner.2. Choose a Sedu hair straightener that is best for your hair length and thickness, and, working with small, 2-inch sections, use shine spray on your hair.3. Once the shine spray is dry, smooth 2-inch sections of hair in the straightener, gliding the iron down from the root of your hair to the tip. 4. Don't brush your hair after using the straightener -- that's how frizz is born. Instead, use fingers to help hair fall into place, and use a lightweight hairspray to hold your 'do. And, hair if you're lucky enough to be sporting some ear bling, tuck one side of your hair behind your ear to help show off your sparkly jewelry. See More Jennifer Aniston Hairstyles


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