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"Ruler: Master of the Mask" Yoo Seung-ho kisses Kim So-hyun on the forehead

Yoo Seung-hoshowed his affection forKim So-hyun.On the latest episode of the MBC drama"Ruler: Master of the Mask", Gyoo-ho (Jeon No-min) died. Ga-eun was sad she lost her father and the Prince blamed himself.Peasant Yi Seon said he would participate in the Pyeonsoo's joining ceremony on behalf of the Prince. They decided to switch.The Prince told Ga-eun, "Don't forget I'm always next to you" and k…..
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Ji Chang-wook on "Suspicious Partner" set

Ji Chang-wookwas in a picture on the set of"Suspicious Partner".DirectorPark Seon-ho-Iposted a picture on hisInstagramwithJi Chang-wook. It says, "Thanks Chang-wook, I think I'm getting famous thanks to you. You look pretty. Thank you. We're not fooling around".Park Seon-ho-Iis asleep on a chair andJi Chang-wookand the staff are posing playfully around him.Meanwhile, SBS drama"Suspicious Part…..
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Ji Chang-wook on Ji Chang-wook on

Kim So-yeon and Lee Sang-woo's romantic shots

ActorsLee Sang-wooandKim So-yeonare being blessed by everyone for their marriage.Marie Claire released pictures of the couple in the June issue.The pictures are warm and full of love for each other. The wedding dress and elegant accessories make the bride shine even more."Happy Home"brought these two together and they have decided to accompany each other throughout the rest of their lives.Source from :Hanci…..
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Kim So-yeon and Lee Sang-woo's romantic shotsKim So-yeon and Lee Sang-woo's romantic shots

Actress Han Ji-min's Beauty Shoots

Late April, actressHan style hair boy korean Ji-minuploaded a footage of her make-up commercial. Being a main model for the make-up company, Hanskin, she flaunted her flawless porcelain skin and red lips.The commercial is endearing and elegant. To emphasize her white skin and red lips, she dressed beautifully in a red dress.She started the shoot with a natural look, posing as if she just woke up from her sleep. Then she proceeded with the…..
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Actress Han Ji-min's Beauty ShootsActress Han Ji-min's Beauty Shoots

episodes 5 and 6 captures for the Korean drama 'Suspicious Partner'

Added episodes 5 and 6 captures for the Korean drama"Suspicious Partner"(2017)Directed byPark Seon-ho-IWritten byKwon Ki-yeongNetwork : SBSWithJi Chang-wook,Nam Ji-hyeon,Choi Tae-joon,Nara,Lee Duk-hwa,Nam Gi-ae,...Formerly known as "Watch out for this Woman" (이 여자를 조심하세요, i yeo-ja-leul jo-sim-ha-se-yo)40 episodes - Wed, Thu 22:00Synopsis"Suspicious Partner"will be a rom…..
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episodes 5 and 6 captures for the Korean drama 'Suspicious Partner'episodes 5 and 6 captures for the Korean drama 'Suspicious Partner'

first stills and new trailer for the upcoming Korean drama "Secret Forest"

Cho Seung-wooAdded first stills and new trailer for the upcoming Korean drama"Secret Forest""Secret Forest"(2017)Directed byAhn Gil-hoWritten byLee Soo-yeon-INetwork : tvNWithCho Seung-woo,Bae Doona,Lee Joon-hyuk,Lee Kyeong-yeong,Sin Hye-seon,Yoo Jae-myung,...16 episodes - Fri, Sat 20:00SynopsisA prosecutor who's lost his emotions delves into the secret of the District Attorney's Office to track d…..
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first stills and new trailer for the upcoming Korean drama first stills and new trailer for the upcoming Korean drama

The Merciless (2017)

"The Merciless"Genres: Action and CrimeRunning Time: 120 min.Directed by:Byun Sung-HyunStarring:Sul Kyung-gu,Im Si-wanSynopsis: Jae-ho, who aims to become the number one in a crime organization, gets to build up trust with Hyun-su, an ambitious newbie in the prison. While they try to take over the organization after the prison release, their ulterior motives starts to emerge.Source from :Hancinema..
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The Merciless (2017)The Merciless (2017)

Upcoming Korean documentary "No Preparation for Old Age"

Added the upcoming Korean documentary"No Preparation for Old Age"'s page to HanCinema database"No Preparation for Old Age"(2016)Directed byLee Dong-wooSynopsisPunk bands in Korea get invited to the biggest hardcore punk festival in Tokyo. This movie shows how one of the loudest and most active punk bands in Asia lives and delivers its message very closely and pleasantly.Release date in Korea : 201…..
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Upcoming Korean documentary Upcoming Korean documentary

Upcoming Korean drama "Man Who Dies to Live"

Added the upcoming Korean drama"Man Who Dies to Live"'s page to HanCinema database"Man Who Dies to Live"(2017)Directed byKo Dong-seonWritten byKim Seon-heeWithChoi Min-soo,Kang Ye-won,Sin Seong-rok,...Wed, Thu 22:00Synopsis"Man Who Dies to Live"is a drama about a man who became a count in a kingdom in the Middle East in the 1970s, appearing in front of this daughter and son-in-law one da…..
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Upcoming Korean drama Upcoming Korean drama


For the first several scenes of"Koala"the general unpleasantness of being a young person in South Korea these days is played out. Dong-bin (played byPark Yeong-seo) had a dream of being an actor, and now he's just a salaryman. Jong-ik (played bySong Yoo-ha) is still attempting to be an actor, and it's not fun. Mutually, Dong-bin and Jong-ik decide to take a shot at deciding their own destiny for a change. H…..
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