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May 23rd, 2017



I will be attending the show friday, saturday and sunday

I will be at the show four hours each day

Approximate hours —

Friday 11-3

Saturday 10-2

Sunday 10-2


Rates—I have a sliding scale rate between 5-- 5 for a 30-45 minute drawing

Payments due when completed--

I will be having a lottery style selection process--

Stop by the table the first two hours that I am there each day and write your name and number (where I can text you) into the lottery bag on the provided paper stock

You do not have to wait in line to put your name in the bag—

I will draw names at around 12 pm and contact you —then drop by the table and LMK subject matter, what you would like me to draw on, etc.

Most likely, I will compete the drawing after hours—and have ready the next day

If you cannot attend the next day we can discuss how to get the drawing to you—no worries

I estimate that I can complete 3-4 drawings each day--

On Sunday I will take on three drawings and complete at home— unless I have time at the show to work on them—and ship to you.


I will have a small selection of original art at the show—all that can be found on website store


I will be bringing 10 signed and numbered Endless prints to the show —numbers 22-31 (out of 50)-- each


I will have a HEROES donation bucket at my table—I would ask if you could donate 50 cents a book—ALL DONATIONS will go to HEROES

Any of the above information can change at any time--

I look forward to meeting you. Lets have a great time!

Chris Bachalo

May 9th, 2017


I will be attending comic-con Revloution in Ontario Califonia on Saturday May 13th —

My approximate hours at the show will be from 11-4pm

I plan on doing commissions. I might take on maybe four — depending on turn out.

Price range is sliding scale from 5-225. Depends on what you ask for, how it turns out, scale etc--

First come, first serve — at the show —

Complimentary autographs —

All of these items are subject to change--

Hope to see you there —

All the best!

Chris Bachalo

APRIL 17th, 2017


I’ll be at Comic Con Revolution on May 13th—

Details regarding commissions etc to come--

Hope to see you there--

Chris Bachalo

July 18th, 2016


I will be attending SDCC this saturday approximately 11-6 pm at Kwan Chang's booth 4619. Kwan will have a selection of art from Uncanny X-Men and Dr Strange issues 1-5 for sale during the entire show-

My only scheduled appearance in 2016--

Hope to see you there--

Chris Bachalo

January 16th, 2016


A little info for those of you that may be interested in purchasing original art ---

I have a notification system place—

People that specifically request a page via this website get first priority. If I have the page (after the inker split) and decide to release it for sale, I will contact them directly before the art is released to the public—this makes selling the page very easy for me. There's no need to take the time to post a listing. This is good news for me! Thank you! There is no obligation to buy--

After individual requests, I post the art at the Gallery0 store on the website (under new) and the people on the mailing list will get first notification of this release—

Twitter is last notification—

I also mention art releases on my ebay listings—for those of whom that collect art but don’t participate in social media—

As of Jan 16th— I have two issues of UXM remaining to released ( issues 31 and 32) then DRS pages will begin being released.

Please LMK if you have any questions or comments--

Have a great day!

Chris Bachalo

SEPTEMBER 17th, 2015

STAMFORD, CT Appearance


I’ll be in Stamford CT the weekend of 9/25-27 for my kids hockey tourney and I’ve put aside some time to visit with those that might be interested in spending some time together.

Its the first time I’ve ever made an appearance of any kind in the north east.

Currently, I have four time slots open. First come, first serve.


Friday, September 25th. Current time slots are 2:00 and 4:00
Saturday September 26th. Current time slots are 2:00 and 4:00

Time slots are currently approximate and are subject to change.


0 for the hour. Cash or Money Order made out to Chris Bachalo.


Stamford, Connecticut. Specific location TBD. I’ll need to figure that out. It can be anywhere. I’ve had meets in hotel lobbies, bowling alleys and pool side. Its all good.


You get to spend an hour with yours truly. You can have me draw, answer questions, review your portfolio, share career advice, sign books, take pictures, walk your dog, talk to your girlfriend, meet your Mom or your best friend. You can bring a friend, your Mom or your girlfriend or your boyfriend. Split the fee with a friend and we can all hang out together for the hour. We can draw, have lunch and talk about hockey, comics, TV shows, music, art, movies, etc. I have a take on just about everything.

Whatever it is I’m happy to consider. I’m game.

Bottom line, for that hour I work for you. Be creative. Lets have fun!


If you are interested in locking up a time spot contact me via the website contact option.

First come, first serve.

To secure a spot I request a non-refundable, 0 down payment via paypal due by Monday, Sept 21st at 4PM PST. Upon confirming receipt of payment and the time slot with you, if, for whatever reason, I need to move (or cancel) the time slot and you cannot make that time I will refund the 0 (within 7 days).


Please ask. Contact me via the website contact option.

I look forward to meeting you!

All the best!

Chris Bachalo

August 24th

INTERVIEW with Lanocheamericana, Spain.

- How is your process when drawing a new page? Do you prefer to follow some more or less strict guidelines?

I do have a process. Goes something like this: I make notes on the script (break down the beats) then I put thumbnail drawings on the board. Then a tight drawing, no rendering or blacks. Figures always go in first and then I build locations around them. I reduce the tight drawing down to 60% using a copy machine. Using ink, I apply blacks to the to copy. I find its an easy way to figure out where I want my blacks to be. I can see the entire page well. Then, using the copy with the indicated blacks as a guide, I go back to the original board, fill in blacks with pencil and lastly render. Then I’ll reduce the pencils down again on the copier, look them over and edit if necessary.

- Between all the writers you have worked with, who gave you more freedom when drawing? And who was the more strict/fussy?

I’ve been pretty lucky with writers in terms of having the freedom to be creative with the scripts. can’t recall an instance in which someone was looking over my shoulder. Some are more involvedved than others. Jeph Loeb liked to spend a lot of time on the phone afterI turned in pages. Shares a lot of great feedback. We’ll discuss story. Its truly a collaboration. Jason gives me a lot of room with page breaksdows. He’ll detail, say, pages 5-9 and then write the scene an leave it up to me how to break down the beats. I really enjoy this. We are working on Dr Dtrange. I’ll often shoot him an email an ask question if i feel that I’d like to add soemthing that might affect the story. Can i do this to the mansion? Can Strange have an axe with him in this scene? Stuff like that---

- Marvel Now meant the oportunity to re-design some of the most iconic characters of Marvel Universe, what did it meant to you? There was someone whith whom you enjoyed specially?

Yeah, I always enjoy the opportunity to re-imagine costumes from time to time. I know what Iike to draw, what my strengths are and if i feel that i have a good take on a costume I’ll go for it.There are times in which I just assume leave them as is. They’re great just the way they are. With Dr Strange I relaly enjoy the Ditko costume but thought I would make a couple a few practical adjustments. Marvel requested to have him look a little younger and we dropped the white streaks for example.

- Putting together Jason Aaron's Wolverine & the X-Men and Bendis' Uncanny X-Men you have drawed almost any new mutant that has appeared since Marvel Now! and even before. Which of these new characters was funnier or simply more interesting to draw? Why?

I liked Krakoa. I’ve alwasys considered myself to be an organic artist and drawing piles of rocks and dirt and grass and foliage is right up my alley. Had a lot foun with him. Often added him to the BG in scenes for fun.

- You have been almost permanently associated with mutants franchise. Is this something you choose? What makes the 'mutant universe' so fascinating?

I enjoy sci-fi and i’ve always seen the X-Men as being a part of that genre—and not so much the super hero genre. The irony here is that I never read the book when growing up. i was into the monster books like Werewolf by Night, Ghost Rider, Deathlok, Man-Thing, Conan and the Hulk.

- Secret Wars are coming to Spain in September. Did you read the first Secret Wars back in the 80's? What is your opinion of this new crossover?

As I mentioned, I was not a super hero book reader and didn’t spend a lot of time in that corner of the universe. And I was dirt poor and couldn’t afford to buy that many books.

- The end of Secret Wars will mean you working again with Jason Aaron in the new Doctor Strange series. How do you see working again with Aaron?

I see it as a continuation of where we left off with WX. I really enjoy his work. He goves me tons of imagery to be creative with and he writes damned good stories. Great with Dialogue. Makes me laugh. Reading DrStragne issue one I had a big smile through the entire read. Its great fun.

- Taking into account the future Dr Strange movie, what can we expect from this new collection?

One of the points I shared with Jason before jumping on was that we have a different take on the character. I’ve never embraced Strange, wasn’t super excited to work with him, and if I was going to spend a ton of time with him had a few ideas. I wrote Jason a long email about what I would like to see in a Strange book and we found that we were on the same page. Hope you enjoy the results--

- ¿Proyectos futuros al margen de Marvel? (Esta la dejaría la última y pondría algo en plan "What can you tell us about your next projects?”)

See above regarding Strange--

- What is your opinion of the Marvel's cinematic Universe? Is not there any danger of over-saturating the moviegoers with so many comic-based movies each year?

Yeah, the thought has occered ot me. When they ramp up to three movies a year, combined with what the other studios are producing and add in DC will it be too much? Whats interesting is that the audiences are not attending blindly in mass to all tof the super hero movies. It still important ot make good movies. FF is a good example. Bad movie, low attendience---

- Lately Marvel seems to have been trying to diversify their heros (as we can see with examples like the new Captain America or Robbie Reyes) and to empower feminine roles (Ms Marvel, Spider-Gwen...). In your opinion, how much of this is pure marketing and how much is a natural tendency?

As long as the story makes sense and that the books are well done I’m all for it. I dont think that the moves that Marvel are making is sensationalistic. What Jason is doing with female Thor Im all in faver of. Its great. its Fun---

- Which series have surprised you most from what have been published since this year's beginning?

I regret to share that i do very little reading these days. I am reading Sex Criminals right now. An issue in. Looks great so far. Hawkeye is a great read. Moon knight. Lazarus---

- Please recommend our readers one of your all-time favourite comics.

Dr Strange issue 55 is my all time bible. Michael Golden was my fav artist growing up. Its awesome. The Moonknight run with Moench and Sienkiewicz was a huge inspiration for me—especailly the later issues. Game changer for me when I was condsidering gettitng into comics. Loved the art and the hightened sophistication of the stories. Elektra. Same thing.

THX, Dani!

JUNE 25th, 2015

My friend IRVING asked for a few comments on—

This is the best and hardest question you could ever ask. It could have a super long answer or it could be really short—something like, you either get it or you don’t.

I dont know how long you have been at it. If you’re in school, probably not long enough. If you saw my stuff coming out of University, you’d probably agree with me that it was barely serviceable.

Since your in school I’m assuming your reasonably young and you have time.

Have you read Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell? Really good discussion on his theory of 10,000 hours and achieving excellence. He talks about the Beatles and guys like Bill Gates and how they became so good at what they did. Basically, it goes, spend 10,000 hours working at a skill and you’ll become reasonably good at it. You might not be the Beatles or Alex Ross but should have a pretty good skill set.

Having read the book I figured I reached 10,000 hours of drawing time right around when I was working on Death: High Cost of Living. I was super lucky as, at the time, the business was expanding and they needed help. I wasn’t ready, but Karen Berger saw something promising and gave me a shot. I kind of learned the rest on the job.

Can’t say that I have defining moment but right around then I had good idea I’d always have work.

Some guys make it look easy but, in my case, its always been very hard drawing. Its easier now, but sometimes its brutally hard getting ideas on paper. When was 15 I couldn't draw anything, but I worked at it, it came slowly and eventually you pick up skill here and skill there and you start to turn into a legit artist. It takes long time and a lot of work. You have to do it everyday.

I have a BFA in illustration. I don’t know the curriculum at the Kubert School but I would encourage you to try everything from Life drawing to painting, to sculpture, design classes, water color. I took them all. The class I learned the most in was 2D design. Awesome class. I had no idea at the time what I was doing, what I was learning but as I grew to understand the discipline realized it was the best experience I ever had. Man, I took fashion illustration. great class. Got an A in 3D class. Fun. I think what I’m saying is don’t limit yourself. try everything. With every experience something will stick and, hopefully,at the end of the day you’ll turn into something wonderful.

I know I can do anything in the business. Write, pencil, color, paint and ink. It gives you options. Don’t limit yourself.

Most people in the biz today are one dimensional. Give yourself as broad of skill set as possible. You never know where you’ll end up, what you will be working on. Don’t limit yourself to comics pen and ink. You'll be boring.

How many hours have you put into drawing to date?

Do you work hard everyday—harder than the guy next to you?

You are a unique person. Whats’ special about your work? Is your work interesting? Do you think outside the box?

Do you look at other artists? A guy thats new and amazing to me is Mike Del Mundo. Check out his work. he’s amazing. Really smart stuff and he works hard. He�


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