Top 10 hair dryers in india

There ain’t be any women folks who hasn’t been through a struggle of messy hairs right after hair wash. Its very normal for hairs to plasters to the head, go frizzy while dripping all over the clothes when you are top 10 hair dryers in india actually trying to towel dry hairs, become a tangled mess, ultimately making your head go dizzy and mad. The primitive method of towel drying often is a cause of breakage and entanglement.

And when one is having long hairs, there comes a lot of challenge to maintain hairs. Whether it is washing, drying it for long hours before brushing those locks to hair styles. Hair dryers in such cases simplifies the errands, just in matter of few minutes.

Regardless of one being a hair stylist, grooming expert, an amateur, there is a hair dryer to suite everybody’s need and these days companies are also offering hair dryers to suit different types of hairs needs by varying air flow and temperatures.

There are a myriad of hair dryer brands that are available in the market, which offers durable and warranted products. Moreover, the hair dryers are now very easy to buy from online shopping websites, where a wide range of options are showcased for the buyers.

Its not a surprise to get overwhelmed with the variety of brands available at your disposal, so here in this article will put light on the list of Top 10 best Hair Dryer brands in India, so that you can tap on the best hair dryer options in a jiffy.

10. Conair

This hair appliance and hair care company began in the year 1959, which till date has been catering the beauty fanatics worldwide. With its diversified grooming products, health and beauty products, and premium kitchen electrics, tools, and cookware.

The brand offers great options for power styling, with different sizes such as full size, mid size & compact ones that suits your personal needs. Conair dryers are suitable for every kind of hair, where each of its product has been made from breakthrough technologies which will suite your hair fit right in your budgets.

9. Wahl

wahlWahl corporation has been a trailblazer in the field of professional and home grooming regime on a global scale. Its products are sold in more than 165 countries, including India. Wahl hair dryers are ideal power packed product that ensures your hairs are dried in the right manner, with zero regrets.

Most of its hair dryers designs are slender, backed with safety automatic heat flow technology, which is indeed a great way to achieve natural kind of drying without making your hairs go dry and frizzy. Its new series of hair dryers are made of scratch proof vibrant exterior and also pretty light weighted.

Having two or three of heat speed setting, single concentrator and diffuser and unique cool shot option is what makes its hair dryers unique from the rest.

8. Elchim

elchimEighth in the list of Top 10 best Hair Dryer brands in India, stands the Italian label Elchim, which was founded in the year 1945. This ISO certified brand makes a gigantic range of hair care gadgets and tools exclusively for the professional use.

Its silent and energy efficient hair dryers suite all kinds of hairs types varying from thick to fine hairs. With the touch of the finger on the electronic accelerator, the dryer regulates the temperature and air flow, thus enabling one to create the style they wish. Elchin has also hair dryers that possesses breakthrough ionic technology that lets you combining heat control and air flow velocity to produce a product that makes hairs supple, softer and shiner.

Elchin hair dryers exhibits power practicality and performance, which makes it little pricey but are really worth when you are looking for great results.

7. Revlon

revlonEveryone searches for hair dryer that gives you shinier, smoother, softer hair with least possible damages, with Revlon your search just ends. Its gorgeously designed professional hair dryers are durable backed with the ultra-professional AC motor, which lets you create unforgettably beautiful blowouts. Its high power air flow transfers heat upto 50 percent faster, exposing hair to less heat for healthier styling.

Revlon’s hair dryers are one of the most  trending in the market and all its models exhibits different kinds of technology, where each ensures your hairs have the natural moisture and shine, prevents hairs from over drying, eliminates frizz, seals cuticles, and gives your hairs a chic polished look.

6. Braun

braunSixth in the list of Top 10 best Hair Dryer brands in India stands Braun, which offers a wide range of hair dryer series. The brand makes use of ultra-modern technology such as colour saving technology which ensures your coloured hairs don’t lose its sheen and hue. It hair dryers also boost shine and beat frizz to a great extent.

Braun’s hair dryers are professionally high end and safety certified. It sports features like thin nozzle, thermo sensor which infuses in your hair with ions, active temperature control, professional AC motor and advanced fan system.

5. Remington

remingtonIts hair dryer are another best sellers existing in the markets often picked up by salon professionals and hair stylists. Remington offers a great deal of hair dryer models that one can choose from, which makes the entire process of drying becomes very handy and quick.

For drop dead gorgeous hairs a proper hair care starts from proper drying and nurturing of hairs the right way. Offered in a variety of different exterior body, Remington professional hair dryers are often light weight. Its hair dryers features attributes like powerful blasting, ceramic tourmaline grille that ensures consistent and evenly spread heat and leaves your hair luster and shine ideal, whereas retains the natural moisture of the hair.

4. Panasonic

panasonicFourth in the list of Top 10 best Hair Dryer brands in India stands Panasonic. Sporting fast drying with power airflow technology, Panasonic hair dryers are one of the most efficient and widely demanded hair dryers in the Indian markets.

Its powerful air flow delivers warm air right down to the roots and varying temperature modes and advanced types of nozzles. Panasonic’s hair dryers also features a separate ions outlets that ensures your hair are dried and conditioned which makes it more unique than the other brands.

3. Vega

vegaVega is one of the most easily available and affordable brand in the list of Top 10 best Hair Dryer brands in India. Its hair dryers are light weight, efficient, and comes with convenient foldable handle. It powerful scented airflow is ideal for perfect drying. Offering a great utility, Vega showcases a gigantic range of professional hair styling solutions.

Its fabulous range of hair grooming accessories are packed with a punch of professional functionality and great working features. Adding shine and bounce to your hair strands becomes more way with Vega hair  dryers.

2. Nova

novaMost of its hair dryers are foldable models and offers very comfortable hair drying for normal to fine hairs. Available at very affordable rates, Nova hair dryers have an easy grip, sports portable designs and comes with long power cord. It’s powerful and efficient motor are designed in a way that consumes low power.

This brand offers durable hair dryers and also other grooming tools and gadgets which helps you to steal the show where ever you happen to go.

1. Philips

philipsThis brand undoubtedly stands number one in the list of Top 10 best Hair Dryer brands in India. Philips hair dryers are compact grooming devices that are available in the market. Its hair dryers are known for its continuous flow of hot air that gently dries your hairs, in the meanwhile also ensuring that the natural moisture and shine remains intact.

The hair dryers also features options like cool air drying that dries your hairs at a very low  temperatures. Giving you just the salon styled hair at home, its dryer comes in flexible speed and heat settings, that lets you adjust according to  your hair type.

Most of its hair dryers come with foldable handles that makes it easy to carry and best for travel use. Coming a variety of different nozzles and cool shot buttons, its hair dryers are class apart and  technologically very advanced.


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