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He has created a big name through his 13 years old dance career, he is a member of Team Rocket crew, Time Room Lockers and Enfant Prodigies. But what else does he have besides a dance scene? Focus on - Willow Evann - locking dancer and good-friend of us from France!

photo by Lea.

Willow: I started dancing when I was 10. I did a New Jack Swing hip-hop till 13, that was popular in this period of time in France. Then I had a little break with dance and was involved in rap culture, because of my brother. At the beginning of his career, he was a rap artist and now he is a music producer, his name is Jaybel Evann. So every time I had a lot of famous rappers in my house, when I was a kid. I was impressed by them. A lot of hip-hop groups popped out in this time, and most of them were at my home. I was in epicenter of hip-hop straight in my place, I was totally in. 

MIJ: Why didn’t you continue to do rap and get back to the dance? 

Willow: Because I was very bad in rap, actually! It was fun, but then I decided to come back to the dance.

MIJ: You started from hip-hop, and how did you decide to try locking? 

Willow: My future wife Mathilde was really interesting in locking, and she asked me to come with her on a class of Amar Funk. I didn’t mind that, I started and then was more and more involved into the funk.

photos by Little Shao.

MIJ: People know you as a photographer as well. How did you start it? 

Willow: I started to be interested in photography in 2007, at the same time I had to travel with my dance. I’d discovered different places and I wanted to catch the moment, catch a place, mood. So I discovered photography as a way to capture the beauty I see everyday, and now show it to the world. I’d fallen in love with photography finally.

MIJ: What was your first photo project?

Willow: My first experience was with dance pictures. I started from most complicated things is to take a pic of dancers in the theatre and I didn’t know how it worked actually. All pictures were blearing. So, I can name my first project like “blearing pictures»! Then I had improved myself with new experience, by traveling around the world with a new camera. In 2012 I went to the photography school Speos. I had a lot of contacts from there and the knowledge, which helps me a lot. I tried to find the way it can be, and the way I like, the style (MIJ - You can check his photo projects here).

MIJ: What was the most interesting project for you?

Willow: The most interesting one is my own project called «They call me locker». It is about catching the movement. My goal is to take pics of lockers of different generations all around the world. 

photos by Willow Evann.

MIJ: How can you describe your style in photography? 

Willow: If I would describe it in one word I can say «catching the movement».

MIJ: You are a photographer now, but you were at the other side of camera too! Tell us about your experience as a model!

Willow: I was a model for “Who`s next» brand with cat walk and small performance for it. I can say It`s funny! The brands I had worked with: Ki. HEN, T.ODO, Vicomte Arthur, Minna Parrika, lists belts, John Galliano, Adidas, Barons Papillom.

MIJ: We know, that you are really investigative person and you do a lot of things by your own hands and one of your passion is bicycles. 

Willow: Yeah! I really like to fix things by my hands, I really like to ride a bicycle, and I`m kind of a fan of vintage stuff. So, when I had crossed all my lovely things together, my new passion was born. I make bikes by myself and renovate old ones to prepare them in a good vintage condition. I started to collect old bikes, to repair them and turn in conditions, I want them to be. I like aesthetics of 70s and transfer it in the things I like.

MIJ: How many bikes did you make by yourself? 

Willow: 4 bikes for now. One is for me, one for my wife and 2 for my friends. 

MIJ: Is it just a hobby or you make it in professional way?

Willow: I like to do good quality things, it takes time but yes, I want it to get in professional way. To use it for life, to earn money. I also have an idea about my business plan for next year. It’s gonna be something interesting, all the things that I like, but lets keep it in secret!

MIJ: We`re looking forward to see it! Good luck!

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Он хорошо известен за свою 13-ти летнюю танцевальную карьеру, он участник Team Rocket crew, Time Room Lockers и Enfant Prodigies, но что еще занимает его интересы помимо танцевальной деятельности в жизни? Наш Focus On направлен на Willow Evann - танцор в стиле локинг и наш хороший друг из Франции!

photo by Lea.

Willow: Я начал танцевать хип-хоп, в популярном в то время стиле New Jack Swing, когда мне было 10 лет и продолжал до 13. Потом я сделал небольшой перерыв в танцах, увлекшись рэп-культурой. Мой брат Jaybel Evann сейчас музыкальный продюсер, а в то время он был рэп артистом. поэтому к нам домой всегда приходили известные рэпперы и музыканты.  Множество новых хип-хоп групп появлялось в тот период и большинство из них бывали у нас дома. Я был, можно сказать, в эпицентре рэп-событий и, конечно же, был абсолютно увлечен этим всем.

MIJ: Почему ты бросил рэп и вернулся к танцам?

Willow: Потому что я был плох в этом, на самом деле, но было весело! Потом я решил вернуться к танцам.

MIJ: Ты начинал с хип-хопа, а как тебя привлек локинг?

Willow: Моя будущая жена Матильда была очень увлечена локингом и она попросила меня пойти вместе с ней на мастер-класс Amar Funk. Я был не против, попробовал и затянуло.

photos by Little Shao.

MIJ: Ты также известен как фотограф. Как ты начал этот вид творчества?

Willow: Я начал интересоваться фотографией с 2007 года, в то самое время, когда начал путешествовать с танцами. Я изучал разные места, мне хотелось запечатлить  их, эти моменты, настроение. Фотография была для меня возможностью поймать момент красоты, которую я вижу, и показать это миру. 

MIJ: Какой у тебя был самый первый фото проект?

Willow: Моим первым опытом были танцевальные фотографии. Я начал с самого сложного - ловить танцоров в процессе. Моя первая съемка была в театре. На самом деле, я не имел представления, как это делается, ну и в результате, по окончанию съемки, я обнаружил, что все фотографии были засвечены. Поэтому, могу назвать свой первый фото проект “Засвеченные фотографии”! Потом, улучшая свой опыт, путешествовал с новой камерой, познавая большее. В 2012 я пошел учится в фото школу, одну из лучших в Париже, ее название Speos. Закончив ее, я получил необходимые знания и связи для работы (его работы вы можете посмотреть здесь).

MIJ: Какой проект был самым интересным для тебя?

Willow: Самый интересный для меня - это мой проект, под названием «They call me locker». Он о движении, о том, чтобы поймать движение в процессе. Моя цель - сделать фотографии разных поколений локеров со всего мира. 

photos by Willow Evann.

MIJ: Как ты можешь описать свой стиль в фотографии?

Willow: Если сказать одним предложением, то «запечатление момента».

MIJ: Ты фотограф, но также и был по другую сторону камеры! Расскажи нам о своем модельном опыте.

Willow: Я работал моделью для брэнда “Who`s next», ходил по подиуму и участвовал в небольшом перфомансе на показе. Также работал с такими дизайнерами и брэндами, как: Ki. HEN, T.ODO, Vicomte Arthur, Minna Parrika, lists belts, John Galliano, Adidas, Barons Papillom. Могу сказать, это было весело!

MIJ: Я знаю, ты любишь изучать новые горизонты и делать вещи своими руками, одной такой страстью можно назвать велосипеды. Верно?

Willow: Да! Очень люблю делать что-то своими руками, обажаю кататься на велосипеде и я, в своем роде, фанат винтажных вещей. Соединив все интересы воедино, родилось новое хобби! Я собираю велосипеды, восстанавливая старые, чиню их и привожу в пригодное состояние. Я начал коллекционировать старые велосипеды, собирая их по своему вкусу. Мне нравится эстетика 70х.

MIJ: Сколько велосипедов ты собрал?

Willow: На данный момент 4: один для себя, один для моей жены и 2 для друзей.

MIJ: Это твое хобби или ты имеешь это ввиду своей профессией на будущее?

Willow: Мне важно делать что-либо хорошо, а это занимает не мало времени. Я хочу развить свое хобби в будущем в профессиональную сторону, зарабатывая деньги для жизни. Также у меня есть некоторые идеи, бизнес-план на следующий год. Могу сказать, что это будет сочетанием всего того, что я люблю, но пока не хочу раскрывать все карты, пусть это останется секретом!

MIJ: Ждем с нетерпением увидеть что же это, и желаем удачи!

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We took a sneak peek at the experimental dance festival Re:Forma, that was held one April day in Moscow, and found out, what was going in the brains of the heroes of creative process. Someone said what’s happened was not just an art, it was life. Life of the challengers in the creative world of music, body movement, visual art, life of the participants of the festival.
What is freedom of expression and braveness to be yourself or dip into the imagination to the utter, what is to be free in any circumstances.
Their freestyle performances, that you can watch below, were an attempt to find the ultimate answer. 

Формула успеха проста: идеальный баланс между современным экспериментальным танцем, профессиональным составом участников, качественной музыкой, визуальным искусством.
Все соблюдено в рамках свежего фестиваля Re:Forma, прошедшего на территории Трехгорной Мануфактуры одним апрельским днем.
Участники фестиваля, свободные творцы, через свой танец и коллаборацию с музыкой и визуальным рядом рассуждали на тему свободы быть собой или полного погружения в воображение и образность, на тему концептуальности и вечного поиска. Их импровизационные истории можно было бы назвать Современным Искусством, но уязвимость свободной импровизации и творчества “здесь и сейчас” дает право дать имя процессу Жизнь. Лгать при таких обстаятельствах не удастся никому.
Результаты искренних творений вы можете наблюдать в видео отчете.

Meantime we got a chance to catch some of the dancers and ask couple lifewise questions. All pictures made by Sasha Box.

Тем временем MIJ агенты успели коротко и быстро поболтать с танцорами о жизни и вдохновении. Все фотографии by Sasha Box.

Your name… Marina.
How old are you… A lot [Много].
Your style is…  an expression with the speed and flow… [экспрессия на скорости и в потоке].

The best advice … to be in the moment… [быть в моменте].

 The song u are obsessed with lately…  The Blue Nile - Tomorrow Morning.


Your name… Ritma.
How old are you… 22.
Your style is… gripe… [зажим].

The best advice … If there is an aim, there is no obstacles… [Если есть цель, не надо видеть никаких препятствий].
The song u are obsessed with lately… song from Daniel’s performance… 


Your name… Igor’ Lider.
How old are you… 29.
Your style is… dance… [танец].

The best advice… keep developing… [развивайся].

The song u are obsessed with lately… Igor’ Lider “Pil’ v Glaza” 


Your name… Sergey.
How old are you… 33.
Your style is… MY style… [МОЙ стиль].

The best advice… respect your parents… [уважай родителей].
The song u are obsessed with lately… it is playing right now… [которая сейчас играет].
Are you nervous… Yes i do. The first part’s finished already… [Нервничаю. Уже первое отделение закончилось].

Your name… Мария. 
How old are you… 26.
Your style is… I am… [Я].
The best advice… do not depend on someone… [не зависеть ни от кого].
The song u are obsessed with lately… U2 - It’s a Beautiful Day 


Your name… Snow.
How old are you… 27.
Your style is… beauty… [красота].

The best advice… there is still some time…. [время еще есть].
The song u are obsessed with lately… Nina Simone - Feeling Good (Nicolas Jaar edit)


Your name… Lera Vava.
How old are you… 25.
Your style is…  my life… [моя жизнь].

The best advice…  how nice is not lying to yourself… [как здорово не врать самому себе].
The song u are obsessed with lately… Janna Aguzarova - Mne Horosho Ryadom s Toboy


Your name… Danya.
How old are you… 26.
Your style is… my family… [моя семья].

The best advice… be responsible for your closest… [будь ответственнен за своих близких].
The song u are obsessed with lately… Soso Pavliashvili - Svoboda


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“Думать о будущем – значит думать о наших возможностях в мире. Будущее принадлежит Африке, потому что, кажется, что все это уже произошло.”

Okwui Enwezor, консультант-куратор газеты “Making Africa”. 

Неотъемлемой частью нашего образа жизни являются танцы, музыка, модная индустрия, дизайн, а так же визуализация и воспроизведение всего этого по средством фото и видео. Одним из главных источников вдохновения для всех этих видов искусства является Африка, со всеми ее красками, формами и ритмами. Невозможно представить себе хип-хоп, как единую культуру, без африканских ритмов, из которых он берет свое начало. После посещения выставки «Making Africa» в Барселоне, мы подготовили подборку интересных работ молодых талантов, представляющих африканское искусство. 

Jody Brand – Chomma 

Блог фотографа Jody Brand открывает окно в современную южно-африканскую молодежную культуру. На сайте представлена коллекция бытовых сцен, которые говорят о жизни, происходящей здесь и сейчас. 

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“Thinking about the future means thinking about our possibilities in the world. The future belongs to Africa, because it seems to have happened everywhere else already.” 

                                     Okwui Enwezor, Consulting Curator of “Making Africa”.

An integral parts of our lifestyle are dance, music, fashion industry, design, and then imaging and imprinting all this by photo and video art. One of the main sources of inspiration for all of these types of art is Africa, with all its colors, forms and rhythms. It`s impossible to imagine hip-hop as a whole culture, without African rhythms, from which it originates. After visiting the exhibition Making Africa in Barcelona, we have prepared a selection of interesting works of young talents, representing the art of Africa.

Jody Brand - Chomma 

The blog of photographer Jody Brand opens a window into contemporary South African youth culture. The website presents a collection of everyday scenes that speak of a life dedicated to the here and now, not concerned with or connected to the problems of the past and present. 

Malibonge Tyilo - Skattie, what are you wearing?

 Skattie, what are you wearing? is the name of South Africa’s most influential fashion, lifestyle and events blog, run by Malibongwe Tyilo. The term “skattie” is short for skatebol, an Afrikaans term of endearment, meaning “treasure.” Thus, the blog’s name could be translated as “Darling, what are you wearing?”. Tyilo uses photographs and small texts to provide an insight into South Africa’s fashion scene, reporting on all major events and commenting on the style of those who attend.

 J.D.`Okhai Ojeikere - Hairstyles 

Nigerian photographer J.D.`Okhai Ojeikere worked on his Hairstyles series for several decades, turning Nigerian women`s heads into artworks. “Hairstyles” will be his most known collection, involving almost 1000 different hairstyles that give an image of the African woman. He found these “artsy sculptures” on the street, at weddings or at work.

 Mario Macilau - Moments of Transition

 With his Moments of Transition series, photographer Mario Macilau aims to capture the search for identity of contemporary young Mozambicans. The photos are all taken on Sundays, when the urban youth have the time and the opportunity to dress how they like and act as they wish, spending a relaxed day together. It movement is greatly influenced by western fashion and lifestyle.

Hector Mediavilla - S.A.P.E. #1, The Sapeurs of Brazzaville 

Hector Medivilla is Spanish photographer based in Barcelona. His work focuses on social issues in Africa and Latin America. Hector described the project saying “Africa has many many faces but we usually see the same kind of reality: war, hunger and so on. Realities like those exist and should be documented but it’s rich to see this part of the world through other perspectives. They might help us to rethink our beliefs about it.”  Sape is French slang for “dressing with class”. The French often use the expression “il est bien sape” to talk about a sharp dressed man. The term “sapeur” is a new African word that refers to someone that is dressed with great elegance. However, the Congolese sapeurs are not only concerned about elegance, but also with good manners, politeness and morality. 

 Chris Saunders - The Smarteez

In this photography and film Сhris Saunders brings to light the style and creative process of 4 young designers from Soweto, around Johannesburg who form a DIY fashion “crew’ called The Smarteez - Kepi, Sibu, Floyd and Thabo. They admit to being different from the preceding generation, they are less committed to political issues and instead struggle against blandness and conformity by fighting for self - expression and challenge stereotypes. 

The information is taken from the newspaper “Making Africa”. 

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Tomohide Izm Izumi, an active leader of “Jazzy Sport” band, the founder of second generation of UK jazz dance crew in Japan - Stax Groove, organizer of jazz parties with the conception of jazz live music & dance fusion “Steppin Jazz”, one of the founders of dance and music studio “Jazzy Sport Shimokitazava”. A DJ and very active representative of the actual creative Tokyo youth, all the time being involved in any appearing interesting projects at the intersection of music, art and dance and creating his own. IZM, inspired me with his aspirations in the development of the culture and innovative look on the projects and collaborations at the first sight, spoke about the history of such phenomenon as “Jazzy Sport” community, about his art journey from dance to music, from the executor to the creator of the projects. By the way, the whole conversation took place in the dressing room with the penetrating jazz waves coming from the Japanese Jazz musicians, who were warming up at the stage in April 2015 during “Matryoshki in jazz” trip to Tokyo.

Tomohide Izm Izumi, активный деятель банды Jazzy Sport, основатель джаз fusion команды второго поколения uk jazz в Японии - Stax Groove, организатор джазовых вечеринок с концепцией fusion jazz live music & dance “Steppin Jazz”, один из основателей танцевальной и музыкальной студии Jazzy Sport Shimokitazava, DJ и очень активный представитель актуальной творческой молодежи Токио, вовлекающийся в любые возникающие интересные проекты на стыке музыки, искусства и танцев и создающий их сам, вдохновляющий своими стремлениями в развитии культуры и новаторским взглядом на проекты и коллаборации, рассказал об истории возникновения такого феномена, как Jazzy Sport, о своем творческом пути от танцев к музыке, от исполнителя к создателю проектов. К слову сказать, весь разговор происходил на фоне джазовых волн разогревающихся на сцене японских музыкантов в апреле 2015 года во время поездки команды “Матрешки in jazz” в Токио.

M: Tell me about the history of “Jazzy Sport” community, when it has been appeared and who is involved in?

IZM: In 2003 all my friends about the same age made music, producing or DJing, and in one moment decided to create a band on the basis of common interests, which currently consists of 7 people: “Captain” Masaya Fantasista, Taro, Gaku, Out of Control, Die, Kacchi Nasty, Izm. The first step of their union was the opening of the music store “Jazzy sport” in Morioka in northern Japan, later within the year label “Jazzy Sport” had appeared in Tokyo, when Capitan Masaya Fantasista had gathered all the main representatives of the current musical movements of Shibuya district, music hip-hop, house managers and had opened label.

M: Расскажи об истории сообщества “Jazzy Sport”, когда оно возникло и кто в него входит?
Izm: В 2003 году все мои друзья примерно одного возраста занимались музыкой, написанием или ди-джеингом, и в какой-то момент решили создать банду на основе общих увлечений, в которую на данный момент входит 7 человек: “Captain” Masaya Fantasista, Taro, Gaku, Out of Control, Die,  Kacchi, Nasty, Izm. Первыми шагом их объединения стало открытие музыкального магазина Jazzy sport в Мориоке на севере Японии, в последствии в течение года появился лейбл Jazzy Sport в Токио, когда Capitan Masaya Fantasista собрал всех основных представителей актуальных музыкальных движений в Шибуя  музыкальных hip-hop, house менеджеров и открыл лейбл.

M: Is there a philosophy behind the name “Jazzy Sport”?
«Taking Jazz as modern dance music. Taking music as a physical thing like sport.» (Taro Kesen, Jazzy Sport founding member).

M: What is «Jazzy sport» about at present time?
Nowadays «Jazzy Sport» looks like:
- label, producing artists “Jazzy Sport”,
- vinyl store «Jazzy Sport music Shop»,
- dance studio “Jazzy Sport Shimokitazawa” (opening in April, 2015 with MIJ presence),
- Jazzy Sport bordering gym and music shop The Stone Session in Morioka city on the north of Japan,
As lovers of music and sport, the close-knit Jazzy Sport crew also comes together to play Futsal as UFC Jazzy Sport or to climb and ski as Jazzy Sport Expeditions.
In addition, every year in the winter time there is Appi Jazzy Sport festival at APPI ski resort on the north of Japan, organized by the community team. During  all the day Jazzy sport team puts the music, that plays on all the slopes of the resort, in the evening there is massive line-up of artists playing live, dance performancesю It turns out kind of winter music festival on the slopes.

M: Что входит в деятельность “Jazzy Sport” в настоящее время:
IZM: Сейчас “Jazzy Sport” - это:
- лейбл, выпускающий артистов “Jazzy sport”,
- виниловый магазин “Jazzy Sport music shop”,
- танцевальная студия “Jazzy Sport Shimokitazawa” (открытие которой состоялось в апреле 2015 года с присутствием MIJ), 
- The Stone Session Jazzy Sport музыкальный магазин со спортивной площадкой в Мариоке на севере Японии.

Являясь любителями музыки и спорта, сплоченная команда Jazzy Sport часто собирается вместе, чтоб поиграть в мини-футбол под именем UFC JAZZY или совершить восхождение или покататься на лыжах на Jazzy Sport Expeditions. 
Кроме того, ежегодно зимой на горнолыжном курорте APPI на севере Японии проходит фестиваль Appi Jazzy Sport, организуемый командой сообщества. Весь день музыкальная команда Jazzy sport ставит музыку, которая играет на всех склонах курорта, вечером выступает плотный лайн-ап артистов с лайвами,  перформансами танцоров, и получается своеобразный музыкальный зимний фестиваль на склонах гор.

M: What kind of music and artists are represented on the label?

IZM: Jazzy Sport Label is about contemporary music, that we need today. All music that has a vibe! There is a lot of different artists, including producers and Dj’s, majors are:
Gagle, Grooveman Spot, Marter, Budamunk, DJ Mitsu the Beats.

You may follow “Jazzy sport” artists here: Jazzy Sport.

М: Какая музыка и артисты представлены на лейбле?
Izm: Лейбл Jazzy Sport о современной музыке, которая нам нужна сегодня. Музыка, у которой есть вайб. Артистов довольно много, это и продюсеры, и DJs, основные из них:
Gagle, Grooveman Spot, Marter, Budamunk, DJ Mitsu the Beats.
Основную музыку представителей лейбла можно найти здесь: Jazzy Sport.

M: Let’s speak about your personal dance history.

IZM: I started dance with hip-hop and break dance in 1991, then in 1993, when the first information about house dance came to Japan, I began to represent house style, and became a member of  hip-hop and house crew. After that, in 1996, we formed STAX GROOVE crew with focus on jazz dance style.

M: Расскажи о своей личной танцевальной истории.
IZM: В 1991 году я начал танцевать hip-hop и break dance, когда в 1993 в Японии появилась первая информация о house dance, я стал представлять стиль house и входил в команду по хип-хопу и хаусу. После этого в 1996 году мы образовали команду STAX GROOVE с фокусом на джазовый стиль танца.

M: How did you start dance jazz fusion? 

IZM: Goto from Sound Cream Steppers was my first bebop dance teacher, and i started with jazz in 1996.
In 2001 i discovered Fusion style. I went to London for the third time with Yoss, the member of  Stax Groove. We met Jerry from IDJ in the club there. The next day he invited me to his home and showed one very valuable video. It  was the last showcase of I.D.J, where they danced early jazz styles in addition to BeBop style. I was so impressed! I have got the video and took it to Japan and decided to continue jazz inheritance in my hometown.

М: Когда ты начал танцевать стиль jazz fusion dance?
IZM: Моим первым учителем bebop dance в 1996 году стал Гото из Sound Cream Steppers, первой jazz bebop dance команды в Японии. В 2001 я открыл Fusion style, когда поехал третий раз в Лондон с Yossом, парнем из моей команды. Мы встретили там Jerry из команды IDJ (основатели стиля jazz fusion dance) на одной из вечеринок. На следующий день он пригласил нас в гости и показал очень ценное видео - это был недавний перформанс команды IDJ, где они танцевали ранние стили джаз дэнса в сочетании со стилем bebop. Я был так впечатлен! Я попросил это видео и привез в Японию, и так решил продолжать наследие джазового танца на моей земле.

M: What was the first video clip with jazz dance fusion that you have seen?

IZM: First video of fusion style was IDJ’s video, that i have seen at Jerry’s house:

M: Stax Groove is a renowned Hip hop/Future Jazzy dance group in Japan. Who is Stax Groove?

IZM: Stax Groove are 4 dancers: Shun, Yossy, Mune and Izm, started originally with hip-hop, break dancing, house, then moved into freestyle jazz dancing. Been regular feature at the renowned JAZZ CATS parties in Tokyo, Stax Groove kept  the belief that jazz has no certain format  or restriction. DJ’s, playing at JAZZCATS, united for dancing the freshest freestyle technique, mixing hip-hop, house, old jazz, funk, soul, broken beats, Detroit techno and any music, that DJs subjectively regarded as jazz. Stax Groove performed as the stage dancers crew for several famous Japanese musicians, also performed in jazz clubs, made public dance showcases and danced at the street all over the world, including New York. Our message still is to share the joy of dancing and not to divide music and dance into genres.
Nowadays we are all in our own business, but sometimes we unite all the crew for some performance or dancing.

M: «Stax Groove» - это легендарная японская танцевальная команда в hip-hop и future jazz стилях! Кто такие Stax Groove?
IZM: Stax Groove - это 4 танцора: Shun, Yossy, Mune и IZm, изначально начинавшие свой путь с hip-hop, break dance и house dance, а после больше погрузившиеся во freestyle jazz dancing. Будучи постоянными участниками известной в Токио вечеринки JAZZ CATS, Stax Groove несли идею того, что джаз не имеет определенного формата или каких-либо жанровых ограничений. Диджеи, играя на этих вечеринках, предлагали танцорам новую фристайл технику сведения, миксуя хип-хоп, хаус, старый джаз, фанк, соул, брокен битс, детройтское техно и любую музыку, которую они субъективно оценивали, как джаз. Также за свою историю Stax Groove часто выступали на сцене вместе с известными японскими музыкантами, танцевали в джазовых клубах, делали перформансы на городских фестивальных площадках и на улицах по всему миру, включая Нью-Йорк. До сих пор мессадж нашей команды - это постоянно делиться радостью и наслаждением танца и не разделять музыку и танец на жанры, не загонять творчество в какие-то рамки. В настоящее время мы все заняты собственными делами, но время от времени собираемся, чтоб выступить где-то или просто потанцевать на вечеринке.

M: You have got such a sharp outfit and style, where do you get you clothes in Tokyo, daily and special one for jazz performances?

IZM: I gеt my clothes mainly in Shimokitozava district, always buy old clothes from Europe in some vintage stores there, but the stuff for the jazz dancing, like different suits, shirts, pants, shoes, are customized.

M: У тебя классный стиль в одежде, где ты берешь свою одежду в Токио, для повседневной жизни и особенную для джаз дансинга?
IZM: Я покупаю одежду в районе Шимокитозава, в основном, беру в винтажных  магазинах старую одежду из Европы, а вещи для джазовых танцев, разные костюмы, брюки, рубашки, ботинки мы делаем под заказ.

M: How do you spend your rest time?

IZM: I don’t have it, i’m a man and work a lot.

M: Как ты проводишь свое свободное время?
IZM: У меня нет свободного времени, я парень, я много работаю

М: How do you see further development of jazz dance fusion culture in Japan?

IZM: I’m planning to continue «Steppin Jazz» party with live music,  jazz band’s performances,  jam between musicians and dancers, dance shows by jazz dancers from different cities of Japan, to invite special guests from different countries, also i’m going to Korea to make some collaborations with local jazz dancers, and I want to develop jazz not only in Tokyo, but also in Osaka and Okinawa and, of course, to travel around the world, promoting jazz dance.

М: Как ты видишь дальнейшее развитие jazz dance fusion культуры в Японии?
IZM: Планирую продолжать подобные вечеринки «Steppin Jazz» с живой музыкой, выступлением джаз-бендов, джемом между музыкантами и танцорами, показательными танцевальными шоу от джаз-танцоров из разных городов Японии, приглашать специальных гостей из разных стран, также планирую ехать в Корею и делать коллаборации с местными джаз-танцорами, хочу развивать джаз не только в Токио, но и в Окинаве и Осаке и, конечно, путешествовать по миру, пропагандируя jazz dance.

M: Your Top 5 broken beat producers:

IZM: Kaidi Tatham,
Orin Walters aka Afronaught,
Phil Asher,
Patrick Forge,
Mark de Clive-lowe.

M: Your favorite jazz fusion song:

IZM: FULLER LOVE - Bobby Watson.

М: You are dreaming about…

IZM: World peace and keeping the inheritance of the jazz dance scene.

M: Ты мечтаешь о…

IZM: Мире во всем мире и сохранении наследия джазовой танцевальной культуры.

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Introducing the soulful Dutch artist, we meet 22-year-old Kevin, strikingly talented  Rotterdam-based hip-hop dancer with a professionally singer mother, base guitar player father and beautiful fiancee. Once visited Moscow, we collected him here for coffee to discuss background and artistic thoughts  and inspiration behind the dance.

MIJ: Tell us about your life: what’s your background, with what are you busy right now and how is your life going on at all…

Kevin: My name is Kevin Oelen. I go by the name of Paradox as a dancer. I’m 22 years old. I’m from Rotterdam city in Holland. My parents are both musicians: mom is a singer, dad is a base player. And I have girlfriend for 7 years (MIJ - she is already Kevin’s fiancee). They are all foundation for my life and dance. 

I dance. I dance with my crew “The Alchemist”. We try to search for dance information to understand it a little bit better and deeper, thus hip-hop underground scene and the whole culture basically gets a higher place.

MIJ: Your dance is a fusion of…

Kevin: I see myself and my dance as an abstract way of seeing the universe. it could be the reflection of it, if i would work on it. I believe, that dance is another way to perceive everything in this world.

MIJ: So i see you have your special philosophy concerning life, dance, body and mind connection. It would be great, if you would share some statements…

Kevin: First of all i believe that dancers are artists of God. The universe is created from rhythms and patterns. They go over, over and over again. All we do as a dancers is embodying the patterns, we see in this world, in own different ways: emotions, life experience, colours, thoughts. It’s a guide for us to understand certain things in our life.

Dance is the art of the soul painted on the canvas of life. What means: we have a brush, that is our body, different colors are the techniques, we are mastered. If you have one color, painting will be boring and look the same all the time. Canvas is basically where we dance - the space. Palette is our soul. If we put a soul in our dance, it could revive colors for something touchable.

MIJ: It is an issue, how far dancers, i mean urban freestyle dancers, could go in their creativity to name, what they do, an Art. What do you think?

Kevin: I consider, that artist is something you feel, not something you can scientifically see. I’m very focus on the science of dance, because i love it, it’s enjoyable process for me. But in the end we can not measure contemporary art. But what i do believe, that “arty” aspect you can see in the way people treat their dance. Let’s say, if the dance is the living organism, you have different ways to treat dance. Some people treat it like fast food: one bite - finished - done, and some like an art.

MIJ: Yes, It’s clear! Can you name, as an example, some dancers, who you consider the artists.

Kevin: I can name one right now. It’s Story Board. First of all you can see it in the way he speaks about dance, he takes care about the details, like finger moves, in desire to access the perfect move. It’s very artistic. That kind of people try to convey message from their mind into the dance, into the universe.

MIJ: It’s a good example, but this guy exists out of any style’s boundaries. What if we take the battle scene, where we move more or less in the box of the style’s technique. In that case, how we can define artistic part?!

Kevin: It’s more about the personality. What i noticed, someone looks very artistic in the way he/she trusts himself, the way he/she speaks about dance, how they do things and especially what they don’t do.

MIJ: It’s the core of contemporary art in general. Sometimes you can’t appreciate the worth of the artist by only one work, you need to trace the whole story of creation life, the developing through exploring. 

Kevin: The truth. Art is not defined by one work, but by the influence, that outcome creates.

MIJ: What’s your ispiration beyond dance?!

Kevin: I have one artist to share with you. His name is Maurits Cornelis Escher. I have more then 5 t-shirts with his works. He was a Dutch graphic artist, who made mathematically inspired lithographs. He created a lot of paradoxical art pieces. In 2012 i went to his exhibition, and it changed my life and my way of thinking. 

When i started dancing, i was always interested to see how dance look like, if you would write it on the paper. But people always claimed, that you should dance and feel, but not writing about dance, that always keep me in the box a bit. And at Asher’s exhibition beside art works there was a book with scatches, notes about his creation process, methods and philosophy. That what i reflected in my dance, i create methods of how to dance. Then i understood: art is art, it doesn’t matter how it comes to life, if you fill like that, it is this. This idea really helps me to develop, be yourself and keep going. It was a huge inspiration.

Another one is Bruce Lee, marshal artist. When i was little boy, i’ve read his book and did like the idea of Emptiness: you create information, learn something and then you have to let it go, making your mind and body empty to change yourself on a different level.

MIJ: Kevin, could you recommend  any book to read for us…

Kevin: “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho is really changed my life. It’s a story about the guy, sheep or goat keeper. He had a dream and at a certain point he chose to go after his visions to follow his goal, and on his path he learned more valuable stuff, then the goal itself was. The book taught me, that everything cares information. Everything in this life has its journey to become what you see at the moment. And that stories you can apply to your life, earning more wisdom.

Once i was looking at the sky and saw the bird. I was thinking about life, that to have a dream is like to have wings. Then i noticed that the bird is flapping. So if i have a dream and don’t flap my dream, work on my dream, i’m not going to fly. I can’t fly also, if there is no wind. What is wind for my life?! May be it’s God. In my life some strong things happened, that i can not explain, but God or the Universe forces. Then i saw, if the bird’s getting so high with the speed, she could stop flapping still keeping the flight up. So if you will work hard enough, at certain point the dream will work for you.

MIJ: You travel a lot. What was the last place that fascinated you?!

Kevin: It’s always Japan: Hiroshima, Osaka and Kyota. Last time I got this insight, that this is the only country with culture, that fight for its culture. People gives so much energy for that, keeping the history fragility saved. I can’t feel it in my country here. 

MIJ: The secret of success…

Kevin: The first one is to know yourself, to know excactly, what you need or don’t need to fill till completeness. The second - to know environment, as it is in line of what i want to become. People are created by their surroundings. It’s completely truth.

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Better known by his artistic name Dimension, Giovani in life first cought our eyes at Amsterdam’s “HipHop Dance Forever” festival with his stylish look, hat, details and certain way of dance. Since that we always wanted to know better this Holland dancer, till we got couple of chances to meet him and chat about life, that turned out pretty inspirable conversations,  that we’re glad to share in our online magazine. We hope his story will spark something new in you. Let’s just start…

First of all, represent yourself, please. Who you are?! Where do you come from?!

My name is Giovani Vreede, also known as Dimension. I’m 27 years old, came from the Netherlands, was born and live in the city Amersfoord. I represent the crew “Kulture Kids” and “The Alchemists”. The last one, started by me and Paradox,  actually is not a crew, more like a collective. We have the same state of mind on art and dance. And “The KK” is my family. In The Netherlands we made the change on the scene, making it more active. Before we’ve been together almost every day, right now we do nothing, but individually we represent the crew worldwide.mI also teach at some schools: “Studio 26″, “Global Dance Academy”. 

Finish the sentence: my style/dance is the fusion of… 

…abstract movements and flow. 

Photographer: Floris Naber

What was the last book that inspired you? What could you advice to the readers? 

I could advise “Mastery” by Robert Greene. I like the way the story is built with  examples of great minds, very important people in our history, such as Nicola Tesla, Albert Einstein, Henry Ford and so on, how did they work from the beginning and how did they come to the mastery. 

What was the last movie that impressed you?

It didn’t hit me right away, but really good one is “Rise of the Planet of the Apes”. This movie really inspired me. 

How do u usually start your day?

Wake up, meditate, drink water, have a breakfast, get my book to check the things to do. First thing i do: finishing things i need to do, and after that i go training, then i have my regular classes. 

Tell couple of words about meditation. How did you learn it? Who inspired you to be connected with it? 

I actually don’t know how I found it. Maybe by watching a lot of videos, i see that the benefits of the meditation probably would help to get better and clear vision, better control of myself and have a clear mind to create. It’s silence, creation and visualization. 

Do u concern yourself in any religion?

Yes, i do. I was raised as a Christian and i do always come back to the fact, that Christ is the one who solves our sins. That’s tumblr why i always pray to that.  Actually for me it’s not that important the word “religion”, it’s more about love, praying and belief. 

Could you share about your Book? I saw you always have it with yourself… 

I got a lot of notebooks, because i like to write down everything that is universal. Recently my brother made me a gift - Passionate Planner. This book was made by the girl from the USA, who got crowdfinding for this idea of such kind of book for creative people, where it’s possible to put everything in one: agenda, space for notes, space for ideas, every week’s tasks, quotes, your top priorities, goals. There i also keep my systematic pictures that reflect my theories. 

It’s interesting! Tell us more about your Life Theory…

This theory i call “LifeStar Theory”. It’s probably one of the first theory i created by myself for an actual life. it is interesting to me with the fact, that we are made from atoms, that’s why I took the symbol of it as a base. I’ve read a lot of books about self confidence, social dynamics, how to stand, act and talk. At the moment i felt like, i need to put it in the clear vision of myself and i started drawing it.

There are few key words:
Everything in life what i learn is about  “Attraction”. What u are attracted to: passion, music and etc - are sort of the magnets of life to connect to. Then i have the word “Success”, a big positive word. Everybody strives for success. What i also think that important is “Energy” and “Confidence”. 

There are 4 elements as the main subjects and around that i gathered little stars to make connections. Let’s take “Dream” and connect it with “Love” through “Energy”. If you want to lift up your energy, you need to have a dream and love that dream. So you got positive energy. To reach “Confidence” you need “Goals” and “Power” in who u are and what u do. “Attraction” is “Friendship” and “Determination”.  I say “Friendship”, because it’s something you can choose, not like a family. “Determination”: you can search for your own friends and attract those, who you want to connect with. Most of the time successful people say: you are your surroundings and friends. “Success” is “Passion” and “Believes”. If you believe in yourself and have strong passion, you could reach the “Success”, that doesn’t mean to have money and cars, success for me is to be happy. In the center it’s the linking of all of them: “Enjoyment”, “Connection”, “Creativity”, “Health”, “Wealth”, “Inspiration”, “Result” and “Mystery”.

This is the way i deal life. If i miss out something, i look back and analyze what i miss.

And what about dancing and practicing. Did you create for that a special system?

My practice sessions firstly start with separated body movements, all my body parts. But i use “secret geometry”: circle, triangle, square & etc. I use nature to inspire me by the elements: fire, earth, water, air. Plus i add some more other elements, as lava, metal.

How do you use it?

I imagine, mimic; what for melting would be like to move?! My imagination is big and i can go hours and hours in one subject, but systematically i use directions, levels, geometries, contrast. I train my body repeating the same movement, most of the time it is just basic. After training the move i let my body go, freestyle, i just listen to the music, use different parts of the body. I love to let my body do some unpredictable, even ugly stuff.

Do you have special images in your head while you are dancing that build your personal style?

When i dance i actually think about anything, but suddenly the image or inspiration just pops up in my head, and i could create from that. I like to be free minded before the battle, i want to play with the things that come in my head.

Maybe any character…

The character i’m inspired is  “Silver Surfer”, the gardener of all galaxies. It’s transparent figure with no skin color, but the color of galaxy.

What theory helps you in your personal day by day life?

I believe in beeing thankful, gratitude to every day. Get up and thank for my fiencee and everything. Beeing thankful and pray - that’s what i use in daily life!

Your individual style is not only reflected in the way you move, but also in your appearance, your look. That is something we can’t miss to discuss. Tell us, what’s your inspiration?

I really like the classy style. Perfect image, i would say: Tom Ford for suits, for the hats is Brixton, for sneakers i like Adidas, classy Dr. Martins.

 The highlight of 2015… 

The goal i set for myself: to win seven2smoke “Battle Age”, and i did it, being very happy about that. Second one was theater show of Physe “Weakness”. I got really emotional about that show, it gave me the sense of myself, it was a history and i can relate myself to that. The third one was the biggest dream came true - my trip to Tokyo. It was better then i could imagine. Ispiration of the culture, city, kindness. Every piece of the city perfectly shaped for every step that i took, every second, every inhale i made, it was just perfect. I definitely  gonna come back. 

What’re your closest purposes… 

I want to be world level dancer, practice hard, start theater, want to develop my event “The Kulture Hype and Hope”. I want to travel more, because i got a taste of it, i feel like the world is my home, it’s not just one country, it’s where i can do my passion and where my love is. 

photographer: Floris Naber

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For a long time it is hard to imagine the Moscow dance scene without the first Locking crew in Russia L.Mosquitos. There are 4 ladies inside: Zlata Maslo, Olga, Katilock and Lea. Their view of dance, ideology, lifestyle and well-known event Papin Locking - it’s all about mind freedom and style. They will tell you how to look at the dance from another angle, where to drink the best coffee and what to do with the plans for a new creative year!

Mосковскую танцевальную фанк сцену невозможно представить себе без этого коллектива уже давно. Они - первая в России команда в стиле локинг, которую представляют 4 участницы, а именно Zlata Maslo, Olga, Katilock и Lea. Их взгляд на танец, мировоззрения, стиль жизни, а также уже ставшее известным мероприятие Папин Локинг - все говорит о свободе мысли и значимости стиля. Они расскажут вам как взглянуть на танец ширe, где выпить лучший кофе и что делать с планами на новый творческий год! 

Name… L.Mosquitos.

Meaning… We are small, fast and fly our swarm. Our crew name used to be Little Mosquitos, but we always grow, always develop ourselves, so we are not little anymore, that’s why we`ve decided to lose “little” and to keep just one letter “L”.

Members… Lea, Zlata Maslo, Katilock and Olga Shchetinina. 

Who created your logo… Now we’re waiting for our team logo. Our good friend and talented designer Maxim Korolevich helps us with it. He is an author of series of logos for our event “Papin Locking”. 

Birthday of your crew… We started to celebrate it by organizing “Papin Locking” event as an anniversary of our crew. The main goal of it was to provide a good atmosphere for guests, which come not only for the battle but mostly for communication and sharing the good vibes. That’s why we`ve decided to invite live bands, because the live sound gives an opportunity to feel the music more сleanly and brightly. We also have a special battle concept that really helps people to evolve their vision of dance. 

When did the idea of doing smth together appear… We took one week of workshops with Greg Campbellock Jr. and it was such an amazing time of union. He gave us an important knowledge, confidence and responsibility for what we did. And we`ve decided to become a crew. The fact, that besides common goals and point of view, we have a good connection and friendship between each other, is the really precious! 

Highlight of last year… The victory at the “Pay The Cost To Be Thee Boss” in Paris, of course!

Plan for the next year… The main thing is Papin Locking - our anniversary on the 12th of June, for which we`ve started to prepare. They say don’t share your goals because they could fall apart. That’s why we’re not going to. Although we’ll be happy to share the results! 

Song of your crew… Definitely - Aretha Franklin “Think”!

Best spots to hang out in Moscow… Usually it’s at home of our lovely Mosquitos barista Olga, often we hang out at Lea`s home or drink a coffee at “Le Pain Quotidien” cafe.

Where do you prefer to buy clothes… H&M, Monki, Zara, Weekday and vintage shops, here and there, especially in Paris and Amsterdam! Zlata enjoys remaking clothes from second-hand stores by herself. 

What’s your message… It sounds corny but it really works! Don’t be afraid of being different, even if someone tells you it’s “not right”. Do your thing!

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First time we’ve met Rob Manga at his soul party ‘Legends’, spinning wonderful music, which pushed us and everybody to groove all night long. We realized, that this person breathes with music, and we were wondering to know Rob more. Finally that was a lucky chance to interview him for our Online-Magazine, and this conversation became a pure inspiration. 

MIJ: Introduce yourself, Rob, and tell us why is Manga?

RM: I am Producer and DJ for 30 years right now. My family name is Nanere and I came up with Manga, because when I was a child and that was football and I’ve heard name Manga, I thought: “Wow, it’s a cool name”. So it’s nothing to do with Japanese cartoons and more about mango fruit, because the area, where I am from originally, is called ‘Manga’ and it’s 20 different kinds of mango there.

MIJ: Could you please tell us how did you start your career?

RM: It started naturally, because when I was a child 4-5 years old, I was always surrounded by music. Compare to eating and drinking, music was very important element in our life. I’m from a big family and we didn’t have a lot of toys in our house, but we had more music instead and it is like in my blood.
I’m originally from Maluku Islands, Indonesia, where the culture is music, food and drinks. And this social natural things created me the person, who I am today.

MIJ: And how did you become a DJ?

RM: I didn’t choose to become a DJ. Once I started to listen to mixes at radio station “Social”. There you could hear all great music from 70s and 80s every thursday night, but I didn’t like, that in between guy introduced record and I wasn’t down with talking in between. But than in the middle 80s, when the mixing part became important, that was time, when I jumped on the DJing. People like Larry Levan, Kenny Dope, Lou Vega started mixing different styles of music: soul, funk, reggae, brazil, hip-hop, rock, house,afro house, latin house. They were already very famous, and it was inspiration for me to play music, that I liked for audience.

MIJ: Do you remember your first vinyl?

RM: Yes! I got it for my birthday in 1976, I was 10 years. And my sister gave me album of Michel Jackson called “Ben”. I was really happy, because back in a days we used to write our names on albums and I still have that album. But first vinyl, which I bought, is David Bowie’s production “The Man Who Sold The World” by Lulu - soundtrack for movie “The Man Who Sold The World”. It’s really great tune. 

MIJ: Do you remember your first DJ-set in a club?

RM: That was on a Thursday night in Groningen - my home town I was born and raised there. I was invited by guy in a club called “Subway”. I came there with two crates of records, and when I put on my first record, the dancefloor was on fire, since than I never lose touch with a dancefloor. It was like coming home.

MIJ: How did you become to connect with a dance scene?

RM: That’s really good question! Most of the dancers I met at ‘Legends’ in Paradiso, I’m talking about 10 years ago. We started ‘Legends’ and it was packed, as you know, but I didn’t know anybody of the dancers to invite and even back than dancing just started. But they came by themselves to the party,  all the dancers, who traveling around the world now and giving workshops and win prizes. So they came for a music, and once they came, they never left, which is really great. Since that time we started connection with the dancers.

MIJ: Do you feel the difference of playing to regular audience and dancers?

RM: It depends on what kind of party is it. Dancing is a God giving talent, same as DJ. And I believe you can hear, if DJ loves, what he is playing, the same with dancers, you can see, if he or she is really into the music and feel it and it’s not program in the head just to hit the beat. As you know, music has different layers and for me mixing music, but also mixing frequencies does something with the brain and body. And old generation dancers, they are incredible, new generation mostly still looking for the beat, they don’t feel the strength, the bass-line, the greed of a record. I love dancers, and the last after party of Summer Dance Forever was incredible, we started 12 o’clock with room full of dancers, and during 5 hours I could create whatever I want. It’s like a candy store for me, and you don’t need to play hits,  the whole room was dancing.

MIJ: I’ve read from your website, that except “Legends” you play at “I love Vinyl”, “In living color” “House Clash”, “The Illest”. Do they all still exist and you spin there and what else do you do for living? 

RM: I don’t spin at “The Illest" anymore. I was just booked as a DJ, that was 90s party. Right now, as you said “House Clash”, “Legends", “I love Vinyl”, “In living color” in Rotterdam and more often “Wicked Jazz Sounds”.

20131006 DJ Set Rob Manga at Wicked Jazz Sounds on Radio6NL by Wickedjazzsounds on Mixcloud

What I’m doing for my living that’s DJing and producing, so besides that I’m 100% DJ, no other extra job. I play all kinds of parties: sometimes its hip-hop, disco, house, classics, it depends on what are they want. They booked me on North Jazz Festival and for me personal it’s the best festival to express myself as a DJ musically, because you can play straight jazz music or hip-hop, funk, soul, house, whatever during 2 hours set, and I really like parties, where you are free and can play everything. Nowadays it’s really sad, when you are booked and they ask to play only house, or just one  genre. I like more create, to take people on a journey. And Theo Paris one of those, who inspire, because this guy spins from techno to uptempo jazz and whole room is getting it, he really surprises people. You can hear DJs who have that skills, you really have to know music.

MIJ: Tell us more about yourself like a producer. You’ve been released at Dopeness Galore, right?

RM: That was my first release in 2014 on June the 9th and I’m very proud of it, because I had Lady Alma from Philadelphia on vocals and because I love music, I really take it seriously. It’s weird, because when you make your own record and you look at your collection of 10 000 records, you should put the level very high, when you release something. So the first one was really hard, right now I’m working on the second one. I’m very critical to release music, because music, as I said, is God’s given, it’s not just producing and release, release, release, just make hits. No, that’s not for me. It takes a while, when the next release comes out, but it will definitely another record out.

MIJ: The highlights of your career.

RM: One of the highlights was opening for Earth, Wind & Fire in 2013. It was weird, because I have all their records and they booked me as support act. It was sold out, and can you imagine, when I started, I felt like a mouse from stage with 2 turntables and when I looked in front of me, it was really amazing, everybody was dancing. That was weird in mind, we were all in the same backstage and I was talking with them and realizing, that this is one of those things you have as a DJ.

Another highlight is of course spinning with Theo Parish, with those who is gisted to you. That was special. But to be honest beside that I had so much good evenings and nights at the Paradiso. I love Legends, I was spinning 5hours by myself. I did that for more than 10 years and nowadays DJs get booked for 2hours set, which is good for them, but for me its like: “Ok, what are you gonna tell to the crowd?” And if you have 5hours set, you have time to create something. And it was very normal back in the days: you start 10 o’clock and finish 5am in the same club, and it was 4 nights in a raw. And if you go to the festival now and you have 16 DJs in a raw, what are you gonna tell!?

MIJ: You’ve just reminded me your concept AM/PM, which is 24hours set, that definitely shows, how music is important for you. When was it? How did it go? And are you going to continue?

RM: The first time AM/PM was in 2014, I did it after watching interview, where was mentioned, that if you come from the church, you can sing 24hours no matter where you are. And I thought how about DJ thing? I was really sure, that if you know your music, your records, if you believe in what you play, you can do it. I also have so much respect for artists, who produced, made, created music and released their albums from 70s and 80s, I collect records just to do a tribute. I mean without those records, I would not became a DJ and also to show people, that you shouldn’t forget the background and where its come from. It’s showing respect to artists.
2014 AM/PM was amazing I did totally on my own, 2015 was also amazing at the Melkweg in the Theatre room and I already invited 16 DJs and everyone played for an hour, for 2016 its a surprise, but I will come back definitely. I would like to move it to different cities and do collaborations with DJs, who has the same view. Just imagine, if you have somebody in Moscow, who collect records for more than 20 years and it’s also like a building a movement of people, who invest in albums. When I buy an album I own the album, but I also pay the musicians and artists, who created that record, so when you buy mp3 its totally something different: the information, the picture, the symbols of the record.

MIJ: Have you ever thought to open your own record store?

RM: No, I never thought about it, because for opening a record store you need another skill to keep it alive, it looks nice and funny, but its hard work so, and nothing to do with DJing, because you have to sell records, even if you don’t like it. 

MIJ: But what if it would be independent?

RM: You still need another skill, to have record store. It’s not only selling records, but also socialize it and to be in contact with people, who love music. Totally not a bad question. I did work in record store in Rush Hour for 3 month, when I came to Amsterdam, they asked me. 

MIJ: How do you connect to the “Redlight radio”?

RM: I have my show "House Clash” radio there. It’s great to have it, to bring guests and play, what you like. I chose to play house music and everything related to house music: soul, funk, house, disco, boogie. It’s once in a two months - a 2 hour show red-light radio. I already had Rich Medina, Kid Sublime, Olivier Boogie & Resolman, Skeme Richards, Sense Unique. I invite DJs, who has a really good skills, because there are a lot of new DJs, young talents with a lot of knowledges.

MIJ: What’s your plan for 2016?

RM: Release another record, drop another good party, new party hopefully. I can’t say a lot about it, but I would like to be at party with some good young generation of kids, who wants to play quality music and just keep digging records.

MIJ: What is the last track, which touched you?

RM:  I was at the party, where DJ Marcellus Pittman from Detroit played that track : “Convention” featuring Leroy Burgess and Louie Vega
did remix on it. When I heard this tune, that was really touched by.

MIJ: You also make remixes, right? So, how does it feel?

RM: It’s always good to do remixes for somebody, because it’s creating your expression of that song. Make a remix is also, I would say make it better, but it’s more about to make it danceable. It’s also honor to be asked to do a remix.

MIJ: Tell please some words, for those, who read our blog.

RM: Keep listen to a good quality music, follow your heart and keep creating, but also have fun with it. Smile when you dance and enjoy your talent. And use your talent in a good way, don’t let money full you. That’s one of the most important thing, because I think money is destroying a lot in a music business.

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Who?! Rash from Saint-Petersburg, Russia.
Where?! Dance festival, Ivanovo, Russia.

Cap: VANS store, last collaboration with Disney “Disneyland and VANS”.
Jacket & Pants: ADIDAS capsule collection with Japanese designer. We got this stuff, dancing at Saint-Petersburg Fashion Week.
T-Shirt: H&M.
Bag: NIKE 6.0, 2012 limited edition.
Shoes: Nike KD 7 What The collaboration, fusion of all models, that was produced under KD series.

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The alliance of male power and energy, people, who knows each other for a long time, but as a team appeared on the French dance scene recently. They made themselves known representing the French style at POP & LOCK BOX battle in 2015. These are PLock, Willow, Hakim Hachouche и Lounes - members of Team Rocket crew. They are one of the most important people in the development of Locking in France and in the dance world in general. They share thoughts about the future and talk about the success in our rubric Focus On.

photo by Little Shao

MIJ: How did your alliance start?

Hakim: We knew each other long time before. It was in 2015, Kite asked PLock to make a team for POP & LOCK BOX battle in Japan to represent France. Plock picked me, Willow, J. Soul and Lounes up to make it. We started to be focus on it, but it was not easy, because each of us is individual, but for routines it is hard work. Now we`re 4, J.Soul has so many things to do and he decided not to be a part of it.

Willow: We`ve practiced all together since 2007. So we had a connection. And when the opportunity came to do something we were ready to did it.

MIJ: Why do you call yourselves Team Rocket?

Hakim: The first meeting was in a restaurant, we thought about the name, but not like a name for the crew. We actually didn`t want to make a team, we wanted just represent France and to show our style, how we do it. Do you know the anime cartoon about Pokemon? So there is a group of bad guys called “Team Rocket”. I don`t remember who offered the name, it was Plock or Jimmy Soul. It was so much fun and after Japan we decided to continue to do it together. We didn't want to change the name, because people have already known us like that. 

Willow: The main purpose of the crew is to make good-quality showcases, do it good and enjoy. It`s serious, it`s professional, but the vibe is good, chill.

Hakim: Be together and have fun is a main point. We`re traveling, dancing, enjoying the moment together. It`s the main thing. If something will happen with us like an interesting project we do it with a pleasure.

Willow: We actually don't know now where is it going, we just trying to keep it. We`re doing different projects. For example me - I do photography and video, Hakim does video editing. We both create design for t-shirts and other stuff. We`re independent and we do everything by ourselves.

photo by Willow Evann

MIJ: How do you promote yourself?

Hakim: Аt first we were trying to think about it every day. It`s really important to propose your dance for the sale right. It is not only the dance video but more about the lifestyle. We do locking, we want to represent this style from beautiful side. We think about how to do it more attractive for the people, even not for the dancers. It`s not about the tricks or moves, it`s about our vision of life. We`re all different, individual, even different age.

 MIJ: So how old are you?                                                

Hakim: I`m 36, Plock is 33.

Willow: I`m 30 and Lounes is 27.

MIJ: Does a different age influence on your overall team goal? 

Willow: The age is different but we all have one goal to achieve. We all, except  Lounes, started to dance from one period of time, and the more you are in the dance, the more you want to move on through to develop a culture widely. We`re in a different age, but we have the same goals.

Lounes: The guys have more experience than me, so they enrich me a lot.

Hakim: Our goal is to do locking showcase not only for locking scene, to be more wide. For example Hilty & Bosh, who pushed locking out of locking`s scene. They showed great locking showcase at Boty 2005 and a bboy scene became interested, people were involved. We want to make the style popular by our own vision. We`re lockers, but we interesting in another things too. Willow do photography work, I do video production, Lounes has many ideas, Plock is an organizer of some events. So we do many things besides locking.

MIJ: Even the design for your crew? Do you create it?

Willow: There is a guy, he`s name is Ben, he helps us sometimes. We explain to him what we want to see, for what we need it and he creates a design. He did a logo for us. But Hakim and me we do it also. We love to be independent. We`re trying to do everything by ourselves.

 MIJ: Do you always have one point of view about beauty? Do you all like the same things?

Willow: Mostly me and Hakim choose and decide how it will look like and then we represent it to the guys. Mainly they are agreed with us. We used to work together with Hakim. Plock and Lounes trust our opinion.

MIJ: How can you describe yourself in your crew?

PLock: Mmm…it`s hard to describe myself in this way.

Hakim: I can say for my man Plock, because sometimes it is so hard to describe yourself. I`ll do it for him. Plock is a main face of Team Rocket crew. Many people know us because of him. He always knows what works better.

 Lounes: I don`t know actually. I love to do what I really like, I`m free and want to be everywhere.

photo by Willow Evann

Hakim: I`m a manager in a Team Rocket. I like to arrange our stuff. A real life is different from my dance life. In daily routine I prefer to be in peace, explore life and be closer to nature. I'm not extravagant. It’s the opposite side of my dance character. I’m not a shy person, but i don't like to make a splash out of nothing.

photo by Willow Evann

Willow: In a life I`m a inquisitive guy, I like to do a lot of different things, I really love learning. In the Team Rocket I`m a right hand of Hakim in managеment things. He`s more about schedules, I`m more about commercial way to do it, how to turn it in an attractive way.

photo by Little Shao

MIJ: What are you dreaming about?

Willow: I really like the life I live. I just want to continue to improve myself. I have everything I dreamed about when I was 20. I wanted to be an artist so I`m, I wanted to have my own house and I have it now, I wanted to have my family and I get it. So I`m happy in my life, I want to keep on doing my things.

Plock: I`m living my dream now. I don’t want to be a rich man, it`s not my goal. I have lovely family and I`m happy with it. I just want to leave legacy of my work. That`s all.

Lounes: At first I want to enjoy my life. I don’t want to survive by dance. I prefer to live for the moment, to enjoy every day and be happy. 

Hakim: My values are changing in my 36. I`m thinking about my oldest ages and always thinking about end of my life. I`m dreaming to live in Portugal one day, have a small home there. I want to enjoy the sun and my peaceful life with my wife. I want to have a son. There are simple things for my happy quiet life.

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Who? Virgil aka Skychief (The Ruggeds, Eindhoven, Holland).

Where? P.U.R.E HOUSE DANCE BATTLE, Antwerp, Belgium.

Photo by Louni.

MIJ: What did you have for breakfast today?

SKYCHIEF: Normally my breakfast is different, but today I had kiwi, orange and banana juice and Worsten Broodje - that’s a really Dutch thing, you probably don’t know it.

MIJ: What’s the song in your mind right now?

SKYCHIEF: French Fries - Hugz.

MIJ: What kind of shoes do you prefer for dancing?

SKYCHIEF: For the moment it’s called SUPRA Owen - my favorite, because it’s light and soft.

For A Note about Supra:

Supra is a brand that has been inspired, designed and marketed by passionate individuals. Supra Footwear strives to create new and original classics for people who demand detail and quality. The brand’s shoes are worn by an All-Star roster of athletes and musicians, including Terry Kennedy, Erik Eillington, Jim Greco, Chad Muska, Tom Penny, and Antwuan Dixon. Fusing music, skateboarding, art and overall street sense, Supra kicks stand above the rest. Focusing on distinctive materials and unique designs, the quality and craftsmanship of Supra Footwear is unparalleled.

photo by Sasha Box

MIJ: In what is your power?

SKYCHIEF: I think my power is in mix between tops, a lot of no hand groundwork and flips and dancing of course and my own style. The combination of all this makes me. In general my power in life is always to top yourself in every moment, even if you never did something in your life, try it and the next stop top it. I think in any situation, if you do it in life, you can go to the next level.

MIJ: The last thing that inspired you?

SKYCHIEF: Dancer Salamon from Paris. That was real inspiration for me, in stand up dancing, floors and breaking. He found a good mix between stand up and breaking, and if you can mix your dance in one, even if you go on the ground in air or tops and it looks like one, than you reach a difficult expect of the dancing.

photo by Little Shao

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It’s time to delve a little into personal life of two Russian dancers, who represent their style and country all around the world, even becoming a trend setters for a new generation, winning a bunch of great festivals and just being a good persons.  So, here we go:

Renat Izmailov aka L’ETO (Moscow, Russia)
Vladimir Gudym aka Vovan (Moscow, Russia)

… share with us their favorite things beside dancing.

Vovan: I like Play Station, and play usually some Top games, like “Assassin Creed”, which is one of my favorite.

Vovan: Мне нравится играть в Play Station, в основном - это самые топовые игры. “Ассасин Крид” - одна из моих любимых.

L’eto: I like games also, but prefer more table types with cards, discussions, communications, friends, something more lively.

L’eto: Я люблю играть тоже, но больше в настольные, коллективные игры, с карточками, обсуждениями, общением - живая игра.

Vovan: I like watch and play football. Manchester United is my team to cheer for.

Vovan: Я люблю смотреть футбол и играть в футбол. Болею за Манчестер Юнайтид.

L’eto: I also a big fan of football, but I haven’t been playing for a long time. Try to watch it regularly, supporting CSKA and Manchester United.

L’eto: Я тоже обожаю футбол, но давно не играл. Болею за ЦСКА и Манчестер Юнайтед.

Vovan: I like to eat delicious food. My favorite is certainly French salad, that is made from eggs, onion, grated apple, cheese, that are layered. I like wings with sour-sweet sauce, that cooked by my wife Anya. I also like burgers and try to taste it everywhere in good places. For that I certainly recommend «Starlight» in Moscow.

Vovan: Я люблю кушать вкусную еду. Если выделять что-то, то это Французский салат: яйца, лук пропаренный, яблоки протертые, сыр, которые выкладываются в несколько слоев. Люблю крылышки в кисло-сладком соусе, которые Аня, моя жена, готовит. Люблю бургеры, постоянно пробую их в разных местах. В Москве определенно выделяю “Старлайт”.

L’eto: I like to spend time with my close friends: we go out, go to the cinema, discuss our lives, share and have fun.

L’eto: Люблю проводить время с близкими друзьями: встречаемся, ходим в кино, обсуждаем жизнь.

Vovan: I like traveling. Rome and Tokyo are the brightest impression.

Vovan: Я люблю путешествовать. Oдно из ярких впечатлений моего опыта - это Рим и Токио.

L’eto: I like traveling so much! Every time when I’m in a new country, city, first of all I explore the main sightseeings and their histories. And i have this thing: I like to find a place in town, where all make wishes. I believe in it, and wherever I go, i always try to make it. Favorite place for making wishes?! Eiffel tower is certainly a special magic.

L’eto: Я очень люблю путешествовать. Когда я попадаю в новую страну, город, в первую очередь я изучаю основные достопримечательности и их историю. У меня есть еще такой нюанс: люблю находить место в городе, где все загадывают желания. Я верю в это, и где бы я ни был, всегда пытаюсь это осуществить. Любимое место для загадывания желания?!Эйфелейвая башня в Париже - особая магия.

Vovan: I like to play Russian Bullard and Ping-pong with my friends time to time.

Vovan: Я люблю собраться с друзьями и порубиться в русский бильярд или пинг-понг.

L’eto: I’ve never tried it, but I’m sure that I’d really like it: I’m talking about snowboarding and surfing. I always like to watch competitions, pretending myself at their places. Therefore, I’m planning to start this or next season.

L’eto: Я никогда не пробовал, но уверен, что мне очень понравится: я говорю про сноубординг и серфинг. Мне всегда нравилось за этим наблюдать, представлять себя на их месте. Поэтому планирую начать в этом или следующем сезоне.

Vovan: I like going to the cinema and watching movies, such as block busters, premiers. I remember i was impressed by “Les Miserables” and «Django", but it was already long time ago.

Vovan: Я люблю кино, ходить в кинотеатры на кассовые фильмы, премьеры. Помню, меня очень впечатлили фильмы “Отверженные» и «Джанго”. Правда, это давно уже было.

L’eto: I like fast food (especially McDonald’s, to tell the truth) and Asian food: Taiwan, Chinese, Japanese.

L’eto: Я люблю фаст фуд (особенно Mакдональдс, если честно) и Азиатскую еду: Тайваньскую, Китайскую, Японскую.

Vovan: I am a music lover, listen to different music. I have a playlist «Best 400 tracks» of different genres from American pop music to Prodigy.

Vovan:  Я - меломан, слушаю разную музыку. У меня есть плейлист «Best 400 songs» всех стилей, начиная от американской поп музыки, заканчивая Prodigy.

L’eto: I like Russian Rap, even if it is criticized a lot, especially songs about love. My favorite is  - Da Gudda Jazz - guys from Kazakhstan. I recommend to check them, it’s not only hip-hop, there are a lot of fusion of genres.

L’eto: Я люблю Русский рэп, даже если все его критикуют, особенно треки про любовь. Самые мои любимые исполнители - Da Gudda Jazz -  ребята из Казахстана. Если кто не слушал - советую!

Vovan: I like to make surprises and gifts, something different and unexpected. Once after the holidays, when all gifts were given, I presented to my wife holidays outside of the country. She was very surprised and happy.

Vovan: Люблю делать сюрпризы и подарки, что-то необычное или неожиданное. Когда-то после новогодних праздников, когда уже все подарки отданы, я подарил жене поездку на отдых, что было для нее очень неожиданно и приятно.

L’eto: As I said, I like Russian rap. For a while ago, I also started to record my own music and this is a new area, which is interesting to discover. I already have the first track, and of course it’s about love.

L’eto: Как я уже сказал, я люблю Русский рэп. Некоторое время назад я начал также записывать свою музыку и это новая сфера, в которой мне интересно раскрываться. Есть уже первый трек, конечно, про любовь.

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Обернувшись и посмотрев на 364 дня назад, MIJ решили обнародовать свою Премию года в номинациях:

1. Самый особенный момент этого года, который “лишил вас дыхания”. 

Алеся: Очень сложно выделить “Самый”, но “Особенных” было достаточно, все они так или иначе связаны с путешествиями, музыкой и лучшими людьми. Поделюсь некоторыми:

- первое дыхание в тишине на сцене театра в Амстердаме во время нашего перформанса “Грации”.

- утро в парке Minato в Токио, оазис среди бизнес высоток, место, где я ощутила невероятную гармонию присутствия, момента, силы, жизни.

- небольшой концерт американского соул певца с джазовыми музыкантами в Токийском клубе “The Room”. Это, когда музыка пронизывает душу насквозь, становится очень больно, заземляешься, а в душе - летишь.

Марина: Доминирующий breath taking на весь год: момент “дыхания” на сцене национального театра Амстердама. Момент, когда еще не вступили звуки первого аккорда фортепиано, когда зал задержал на минуту дыхание, увидев нас в полутьме сцены, когда слышны тихие голоса и шумы за кулисами, а мы стоим в центре сцены, “живем”, дышим.. В этот момент весь год пролетел перед глазами, все сложности, события, желания, цели, люди, вдохновение, а последнее, что помню - мысль “я здесь, это реально, да, я готова отдать всю эту любовь, что так долго копила…я счастлива.“ А потом все как в тумане до самого выключения света в финале.

И малые моменты счастья, которые были рядом с морем в Испании и в нем в момент ливня в Турции, при виде цветущей сакуры в Токио и танца под ней, все те моменты отправления в аэропорты, ведущие тебя в другие страны, где тебя ждут совсем другие люди, взгляды и слова, энергия городов, где ты встречаешься с жизнью. 

Лена: Многое произошло в этом году, одни из самых значимых для меня были: 

- поездка в Японию и знакомство с джаз сообществом JazzySport изменило многое в моем осознании творчества и жизненного пути. Я увидела новый мир, и во мне открылся мой новый мир,

- переезд в новую квартиру, покраска стен и “обуючивание” новых стен,

- я получила права -я с детства мечтала водить машину и теперь я официально могу это делать.

Снежана: Самых особенных моментов было несколько, определить какой ярче невозможно, поэтому разрешу себе отметить не один и приложу видео-нарезку из “лишений моего дыхания”: 

- Uk jazz jam в Токио, Япония. Просто безумство..место, люди, музыка и uk jazz танец в самой наичистейшей его форме,
- анниверсари одного из моих проектов совместно с Аней Кармановой - вечеринки Footwork house jam. В один момент я отошла в сторону и увидела, что все танцуют и живут одним - хаус музыкой,
- Батл 2 на 2 с Лесей в Гданьске, Польша. Очень трогательный момент - слияние нашего общего танца, настроения и музыки, 
- 3 дня в Милане, когда снимаешь комнату через airbnb и неожиданно встречаешь новых друзей-музыкантов,
- Dance like james - новая концепция батла на IBE в Херлене, Голландия. Кратко описать - ничего не передать, просто надо было быть там,
 - выступление в театре на Theatre Night в рамках Summer Dance Forever. Эмоциональный очень особенный полет от атмосферы и нашего перформанса, который хочется еще и еще раз ощутить.
- И последний момент, не запечатленный на видео, а лишь оставшийся в моей памяти и сердце - посещение дня открытых дверей в SAE Institute, в Амстердаме. Я стояла в студии, и у меня подступил комок к горлу, потому что мне не хотелось уходить. Я понимала, что это место, где я хочу быть. И я уверена, что буду.

2. Личное открытие года.

Алеся: Возможности своего тела, его пластика.

Марина: Я услышала, как джаз играет во мне, мой джаз, иногда я входила в состояние, что могу сочинить свое произведение и аккорды с помощью чувствительности танца. И какими неожиданными могут быть изменения тела при погружении в свободный танец вне стилистических границ. И как хороша Азия, которую я раньше недооценивала - мы еще увидимся!

Лена: Принятие - принимать настоящее таким какое оно есть, безо всяких ожидаемых результатов, извлекать уроки из любых ситуаций.

Снежана: Япония - это было определенно открытие года для меня. Глубокий разносторонний мир.

3. Мудрость, которой научил вас год.

Алеся: Всему свое время. Красота в деталях. Свобода в ограничении.

Марина: Формула “Вижу цель, не вижу препятствий” больше не работает. Если возникают препятствия, сложности на пути к чему-то или в отношениях с кем-то, не нужно бороздить уперто преграды и убиваться в кровь. Это Не значит сдаться, а значит, поддаться потоку жизни и событий, быть внимательным к подсказкам со стороны вселенной, которые всегда есть. Пробовать, стремиться, но и уметь выжидать и наблюдать, что происходит вокруг.

Лена: Все люди посланы нам для того, чтобы мы, смотря на них, исправляли свои ошибки, и когда мы их исправляем, эти люди либо тоже меняются, либо уходят из нашей жизни.

Снежана: I won’t worry anymore. There is still time for things to change. Я даже нашла в Амстердаме открытку с такой фразой.

4. Музыка, которая была с вами весь год.

Алеся: Это был такой новый саунд, Future Boogie, смесь винтажного звучания и космических звуков, глубокий бит, сильный грув: Tom Misch, Max Graef, Phil Grus. 

Марина: Британский нео-соул и fusion of jazz & hip-hop. Но самым прослушиваемым, тем, чьи звуки бросали в дрожь каждый repeat,  был Robert Glaser Experiment. 

Лена: Tom Misch c его душевными ритмами.

Снежана:  Nicolas Jaar.

5. Персона года / встреча года. 

Алеся: Cirque du Soleil, команда с которой мне посчастливилось работать в конце этого года над новогодним шоу “Joel”. Это встреча с людьми, которые в своем деле добились высочайшего уровня, уникальными артистами, приехавшими со всего мира. Это встреча с трудолюбием, ответственностью, серьезностью творения, качеством работы.  Это встреча с профессинализмом в сочетании с гуманностью, позитивом и легкостью. Это встреча с целым механизмом существования такого легендарного проекта. Это встреча с волшебством.

Марина: Настоящее вдохновение в мужчинах, и часто сильное влияние на меня оказывают талантливые и умные мужчины, их творчество или дело, ум и сила, даже если я не общаюсь с ними близко, я чувствую их энергию и опыт. В этом году их было несколько…

Лена: Я часто встречаю на своем жизненном пути “нужных” людей, которые помогают мне в осознании того или иного. Если назвать одну личность, то это Niki Tsapos - тот человек, которого я чувствую и которая делится своим теплом и любовью со мной. Она всегда помогает советами “в точку”, даже не зная всех деталей. У нас есть некая ментальная связь. И конечно же, ее талант вдохновляет и дает силу! 

Снежана: Алеся Добыш. Несмотря на то, что мы знаем друг друга уже почти 20 лет, мы продолжаем идти вместе по жизненному пути, просматривая ленту фоторгафий в айфоне я всегда нахожу этому подтверждение. Леся - это моя вечная поддержка, вдохновение, влияние, тот человек, с кем я могу разделить на сто процентов все свои чувства, мысли, идеи, их воплощения и, конечно, одна волна чувства юмора глубока и высока, не заменима.

6. Если бы вы сравнили свой прошлый год с фильмом, снятым о вашей жизни, в каком жанре он получился в итоге.

Алеся: Определенно, мьюзикл. Фильм, полный музыки, танцев, смеха и драмы, цвета и легкости.

Марина: Приключенческий фильм, конечно, с путешествиями, поиском пути и мелодрамой, наполненный подружками, музыкой и танцем. Финал так и не ясен, ожидается сиквел.

Лена: Авторское кино о приключениях, не без налета комедийности!

Снежана: Фильм-приключение, состоящий из несколько новелл, с элементами комедии и мелодрамы.

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