What to wear with blue leggings

There’s been a lot of confusion about skinny jeans versus leggings. Many of you have emailed to ask what the difference is between the two, and whether you should wear the same kind of tops with leggings that you would wear with skinny jeans. So here’s some general guidelines.

legging vs sinny jeans

Skinny Jeans vs. Leggings – What’s the Difference?

Skinny jeans are tight pants that narrow at the ankles, often hugging them. The best skinny jeans have some stretch built-in.

Leggings are more like tights or thick stockings. They are very soft and very stretchy, as well as form fitting to your body and end at the ankle or mid-calf. They are also much more lightweight than skinny jeans.

Can You Wear the Same Tops You Wear With Skinny Jeans with Leggings?

Since skinny jeans are considered pants and leggings are an accessory, what you pair them with is different.

Jeans are heavier and thicker and can be worn with short tops. Leggings are thinner and lighter and should be worn with a top that is long enough to cover your crotch and your bum. For example, you need to wear a shirt, long sweater or tunic with leggings, or else you will reveal too much information, especially after 40!

There is also something in between called jeggings; These are a cross between a legging and a jean. They are a skinny jean with a lot of stretch.  If you have a good figure, you can sometimes wear jeggings with a shorter top.

With so many slight different styles of skinny jeans and leggings out there the line has become very blurred. A good mirror is your best judge.

To better understand what tops to wear with leggings, check out this post I wrote.  To find out more about what to wear with skinny jeans, just keep reading. 

What Top to Wear With Skinny Jeans?

Skinny jeans can be worn with short tops, short t-shirts, short sweaters as well as long sweaters, tops, and any jacket.

purple skinny jeans and a gray jacket Look #1  – BLAZER + SKINNY JEANS

Love colored skinny jeans but want what to wear with blue leggings to look grown-up? Trying adding a jacket to give your outfit the polish it needs. A jacket in a neutral color such as white, black, or gray helps ground your look. These jeans become more a pop of color and not the whole outfit. Top off your look with some cute pumps and you have a sophisticated, but casual daytime look.

vest with skinny jeansLook #2 – VEST + SKINNY JEANS

If you are still stumped about what to wear with colored skinny jeans, then you might want to try this idea. Look at how cute this outfit look looks for shopping or meeting friends.This gal has paired skinny jeans with a pretty blue blouse, a sporty vest, fab bag and menswear slippers. She looks comfy and casual, and ready for action!  

The vest is a nice way to add a little structure. After 40 we can look a little round and soft and wearing the vest instead of the blouse alone gives us a crisper, more pulled together look.Another type of vest you might try that has also been very popular is a faux fur vest, or you might even want to experiment with a zip leather vest for an edgier look.

black leather jacket with animal print skinny jeansLOOK # 3 – LEATHER JACKET + SKINNY JEANS    

If you have ever wondered what to wear with leopard skinny jeans, this is a great option. This gal has paired hers with a black and suede leather jacket. This works well with the sexy playfulness of the pants. She has finished off the look with smooth suede leather booties.

This looks casual and a little edgy. Love the pop of color in the necklace that ties the look together.  If you wanted to wear the leather jacket with leggings then just wear a longer top that covers your bum and goes to at least the top of your thigh.

leopard print top and skinny black pants



The nice thing about a long top legging is that it works with both skinny jeans or leggings.  If you are wearing leggings or you’ll want your bottom covered even if you wear jeans, then go for this look. This top is lovely because it follows the lines of your body but is not tight or baggy.

It’s a good length, and the V-neckline is very flattering. A V- neckline or scoop neck top should always be your first choice because it shows some skin that is youthful, and it elongates the neck that is slimming.

The leopard pattern is fun and a little sexy. It’s a good way to wear black as all black around the face can be harsh at 40, 50 and beyond.

What’s your solution for what to wear with skinny jeans or leggings? Send a photo to. I would love to post it.

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